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Outsmarting the MTA transit system

Hoboken to NYC commuters – learn this tip today!

Thousands of Hoboken residents commute to and work in New York City – and often use the MTA NYC Transit System (and the corresponding “Metro Card” for payment.)

And I’m sure more than one of you has been in a hurry only to find out that you come up a nickel short on your fare, and miss your train as a result. Damnit! Why is that? Well, apparently it’s by design.

I Quant NY shares a simple tip – that instead of using the “pre-populated” purchase options when buying your MetroCard (i.e., $19.00) that you manually type the amount (in this case $19.05), and it will give you an exact number of rides – instead of some “leftover change.” They break down the fare amounts in an easy chart for your reference on their website.

And as a result of this “bad math,” the MTA receives $50 million dollars a year in unredeemed balances! That’s lottery money for God’s sake. Imagine if that was put to good use and out of the hands of some inept government agency?

411 Note: While this is certainly a helpful tip – I liken this to gas in your gas tank. NEVER let your gas go down below 1/4 tank, and people should learn to do the same on their metro cards. Better yet – use the EasyPay Xpress option and never worry about your MetroCard balance. But we understand some people live paycheck to paycheck, or don’t trust their financial info in the hands of morons.

Outsmarting MTA subway metro card NYC

(h/t Rob for the info!)

2005 Honda Accord – Get it now!

2005 Honda Accord for sale – low miles!

2005 Honda Accord for sale Hoboken NJWe don’t normally post cars for sale on Hoboken411, but felt this might be of interest to value-seeking buyers.

Local resident Laura (973-573-1315) has what’s close to a 10-year old Honda Accord – but with ridiculously LOW mileage (47k) for sale for just $8,500.

Honda Accord Details:
2005 – Silver – 47,000 Miles
Dark Grey Leather Interior
Heated Power Seats / Sunroof
Recent Work: New Tires, New Battery, New Brakes
Blue book Value: $10,000

Honda vehicles may not be the absolute safest on the road – but from what we understand overall – they are without a doubt one of the most reliable vehicles you can buy (hence why they are one of the top selling brands). Honda is known for superior engines that last WAY beyond what other manufacturers produce. I wish I liked Honda myself – too bad they don’t make a massive sedan… I’d be first in line!

Again – give Laura a call at: 973-573-1315

Good luck!

Copper Kettles – Cooked to a Crisp

Copper Kettles Kitchen Store closing in Hoboken, NJ

Copper Kettles Doomed in Hoboken NJWell, this is really no surprise. Copper Kettles is closing soon in Hoboken. In fact, their website arrived early to the closing ceremonies.

But why? Might you ask, would a wholesome store filled with “necessities” close in Hoboken? Hmm. I don’t know where to begin, but let’s ponder many of the possibilities here:

  • Hoboken Historical Commission BULLSHIT. I recall when the previous doomed business opened, and then closed (Life is Good), they said that the city would NOT allow them to modify their storefront to make it more attractive to retail customers. Fuck these “know it all’s” and their (non) knowledge of what it takes to maintain a thriving local business. Who the hell are they to tell a business what works and doesn’t? BOO!
  • Everyday goods on Washington Street? Fugghedaboutit! Well, it’s apparent that these business-owners didn’t realize the power of the internet and online commerce. Because pretty much everything they sold could be had at 20-50% less online. And customers obviously knew that. Sorry.
  • Speaking of price – one thing happens that allows a business to “charge more” than online. It’s called customer service. Apparently Copper Kettles could not offer that “after the sale” perk that would entice customers to be willing to spend a few extra bucks. Whoops.
  • Complete lack of passion. Other than the BS city crap most businesses have to contend with – THIS may be the main reason Copper Kettles failed. They had the pulse of a pile of ROAD KILL. Such a minimal effort to engage customers. To build relationships. To interact with passerby. To show that “stuff was happening inside.” Apparently – this business thinks everything can be achieved digitally – with no “organic” involvement. Or a simple sandwich board that says “stuff is here.” Well, what happened?

Copper Kettles Hoboken NJ Doomed Closing

Regardless – we’re not certain they’re relocating anywhere else (based on their non-existent website), it’s apparent that “kudos” from phony blogging bitches and glossy advertising magazines is actually the kiss of doom. In the end you get what you put in, and they didn’t put much in other than “daddy’s capital.”

You want kitchen stuff? Head up to Battaglia’s on Willow. A long-time business (who hopefully survives).

Description: Empty Storefront Coming Soon
Address: 536 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Web: N/A
Phone: N/A

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Music from Ground Zero

No Music from Ground Zero this year – 44 Lights Tribute

As many of you may know, Hoboken resident Tim Tuttle created a non-profit music venture called Music From Ground Zero many years ago – which paid tribute to the losses on 9/11 for over a decade since. However, this year – the tribute will not happen. As Tim says:

“Friends and Family,

We will not perform “Music From Ground Zero” this year on September 11th. Unfortunately, a live musical memorial just wasn’t possible. It was a beautiful run. I made a website to stay as close to downtown NYC as possible: 44lights.com. Please listen. And NEVER forget. Thank you for all the support and love over the years. It made all the difference.”

Below is the 44 Lights presentation for your convenience:

411 Note: Tributes like this fit the bill. To allow people to view them on their own time, and reflect on days past. Do you think organized public displays, memorial events and speeches every single year should eventually stop? Do some of you see them as publicity opportunities for politicians and other attention-seekers? Does regular “scheduled group sorrow” really help heal? Or is healing more an individual characteristic?

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Happy Labor Day 2014

Happy Labor Day 2014, Hoboken!

“Happy Labor Day” would probably be better phrased as: “Enjoy the long weekend” (for those who it actually makes a difference to). We’ll probably have some traffic issues later to contend with if you travel with the masses.

If you’re on vacation or decided to jettison out of Hoboken for the day, hope you’re all having a good time! If you stayed behind – what are you going to do today? We’re in the midst of what will probably be the warmest weather for the rest of the year, so here are a few ideas for you.

  • Try out a new restaurant or bar. Some of the more recent Hoboken additions include: McLoone’s Pier House and Bareburger.
  • If you’re going to a BBQ – pick up some spirits at the newly opened Cork Wine & Spirits uptown.
  • Or head to nearby Jersey City to indulge in a scoop of organic ice cream at Milk Sugar Love.
  • Take a walk along the waterfront walkway uptown if you haven’t been in a while (pictured below). Usually a fairly quite area to relax, take in the sights or read a good book.

Another suggestion might be to leave your phone home to enjoy life in an “analog” way, but that is next to impossible for most.

Otherwise – be safe, and go easy on your internal organs if you have to work tomorrow. Treat today like a Sunday!

Labor Day Hoboken NJ

Productivity = Zero

Charlie Sheen Ice Bucket Challenge causes productivity to evaporate

Charlie Sheen kills productivity as millions waste time watching him dump money on his headWe briefly mentioned charities and the moronic ice bucket challenge last week. But here’s an extra bonus that puts things into perspective.

Forget the challenge, forget the charity for a second. Irrelevant to this story. What this story is about is Charlie Sheen’s Ice Bucket Video – and how that single-handedly created a perfect example of what is WRONG with society here in America (and abroad).

When we wrote this story – approximately 17 million people watched one individual human being dump a bucket of money on his head, and talk about other “celebrities” you will never know personally. Your life would remain exactly as it was if you didn’t watch it. But what happened collectively was that millions of people did NOTHING. Nothing productive at least.

With all the problems running rampant in this country perhaps time should be put to better use (like thinking or reading?)

What is 17 million minutes?

Want to know what 17 million minutes is? The equivalent of:

  • ONE FULL DAY of work for the entire Google Corporation!
  • ONE WEEK of protection from 7,000 neighborhood watch volunteers.
  • ONE YEAR of output from a medium manufacturing company with 140 employees.
  • 10 YEARS of tidying up from a small housecleaning company with 14 employees.
  • 70 YEARS worth of repairs from an independent electrician (and his daily helper).

So in the end – his meager “donation” was far outweighed by the amount of time he essentially stole from the productivity of this nation.

But what is productivity anyway? You got to “ReTweet” how noble it was that Charlie Sheen donated money instead of snorting it up his nose. Big pat on the back for y’all!