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“Text Necks Syndrome”

Text Necks Syndrome poised to get worse in Hoboken

Good posture is going to be a thing of the past if people don’t start realizing what they’re doing when they’re “out and about.” Instead of enjoying their environs while waiting for the bus, most people nowadays remain in their digital world – even though their physical bodies are outside (and with PLENTY to see, observe, think about). They simply NEED to “connect” with whatever it may be they’re immersed in on their “smart” phones (social networks, games, celebrity gossip, idle chatter, etc.)

These two kids below put “text necks syndrome” on full display (probably looking at porn), when one kid briefly checked out out this girls tush before he went back into his creaked position:

Text Necks Syndrome Hoboken NJ 2

This lady here didn’t even realize I was taking a photo:

oblivious cell phone users 2

Although this chap here took a break from looking at his screen to watch me take a photo, he was still in the “bent-over-browsing” mode (notice others in the picture “heads down.”)

Text Necks Syndrome Hoboken NJ 1

Who knows – maybe that ridiculous Google Glass comes with at least one benefit? Improved spinal alignment?

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Hoboken House Tour 2014

Hoboken House Tour to benefit Historical Museum: October 26th

This Sunday, October 26th from 10am – 4pm, 10 “generous” homeowners will open their doors to visitors as a benefit for the Hoboken Historical Museum. Tour goers will be treated to an array of homes, from Victorian brownstones to contemporary condos, from traditional to modern decor, plus “historic” Stevens family artifacts.

While the homes selected each year change, each tour reflects Hoboken’s rich architectural history, as well as some of the “hottest” new properties in Hoboken. The tour is self-guided and typically takes two hours to visit all the homes, which can be seen in any order at any time throughout the tour hours.

Hoboken House Tour 2014

Hoboken House Tour Ticket Info

Tickets are $30 in advance; $40 the day of and for Museum members. They are redeemed at the Hoboken Historical Museum, (13th St. & Hudson St.), or the Hoboken Fire Department Museum (213 Bloomfield St.) where you’ll pick up your House Tour Guidebook with descriptions of the homes and an easy-to-follow walking tour map to each address.

You can also call the Museum (201-656-2240) to pay by credit card. If no one is there to answer your call, please leave a message and someone will get back to you shortly.

Enjoy the tour!

WTF? What Offends You?

“Offends.” The state of being offended needs to end

Think about this for a minute. For any of you that say “that offends me,” or “I’m offended…” do you really, truly mean that?

I can understand someone living in a very sheltered world, with a strict upbringing saying something may or may not “offend” them, but for most people living in a metropolis – can anything under the sun offend you anymore?

All commercial programming on television qualifies as “potentially offending” to pretty much 98% of the population. Scantily-clad bitches, sexual innuendo, extreme violence, provocative speech, suggestive language, hurling insults, back-handed compliments, and everything else under the sun. Forget TV, what about movies? Most movies that aren’t “Rated G,” have potentially “offensive” content GALORE! Don’t even get started with books (does 50 Shades of Grey ring a bell?)

being offended is over

So why to people claim to be “offended?”

After several years of true observation – it’s tough to come to a single conclusion as to why most people vehemently declare that they’re “OFFENDED” by something. But I can at least try.

  • For one, I think that when most people utter “That offends me” or “I’m offended by what you just said,” it’s because the MAINSTREAM population (news, media and other worthless garbage) has “declared it” to be offensive to say (such and such shit). It’s been a multi-generational progression, but we’ve reached a point where pretty much ANYTHING can offend ANYONE. In our opinion – it’s nonsensical. But to the ignorant sheeple – it’s a way of life.
  • Additionally – and much like our previous point – being “offended” almost is “in style,” or in other words “trendy.” Which is total bullshit in our opinion, but it appears that having a so-called “stance” against anything is attention-gathering, thus feeds the ego, makes people feel important, relevant and so on…. Almost like people who like playing the victim so that they can get “sympathy” from others. It’s psychopathic one way or another – and should cease immediately. What ever happened to “earning” your street cred via hard work and effort? Such BS!

Being offended is 100% YOUR CHOICE. Don’t believe me? Here’s a brilliant quote from my friend Mokokoma Mokohoana:

“People who get offended by your not saying ‘Thank you!’ … after they’ve paid you a compliment were merely desperate to be thanked.”

I don’t know for sure. But “offended” is a very broad stance to take. Perhaps people should learn other characteristics such as “tolerance,” “observation,” “patience,” “contentment,” “listening” and more.

Being truly “hurt” by something should be more like if you struggle to bring a friend a gift in the hospital – only to have them chastise you for thinking of them. That could qualify as “offense,” right? But another way to look at that same situation would be to be happy that the person’s “true colors” came out and you can remove that toxic friend from your life for good – and focus on other things. Silver lining to everything.

It’s a shame people choose to get offended by trivialities, at the same time do nothing about major (real world) offenses like the total waste your quarterly property tax bills are.

Hoboken Man celebrates 5 years

Hoboken Man set the trend for upscale barbershops

Five years ago, The Hoboken Man at Maxwell Place was the first “Upscale Barbershop 2.0″ to land in the Mile Square. Previous to them you either had “hair salons” which were dominated mostly by women, and traditional barbershops. By breaking the trend and finding great success – of course many had to follow. But The Hoboken Man still stands out as the flagship of them all.

Hoboken Man Salon 5 year anniversary Maxwell Place

The Hoboken Man Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary

Known throughout Hoboken and the surrounding towns as modern day barbershop, men visit to enjoy exceptional services in a relaxed and professional environment. Services include haircuts, shaves, facials, manicures and pedicures.

Hoboken Man Salon Barbershop at Maxwell PlaceFive years ago, owners Dan Hood, Emily Gonce, Steven Holm and Erik and Jenn Connaughton had a vision to create a unique Hoboken business, and fill a void in the marketplace. They achieved that in The Hoboken Man. After 2 years of building the Barbershop from scratch, its doors opened in October 2009. Hood, Gonce and Holm are all Hoboken residents.

“Owning the Barbershop and experiencing its growth has been incredibly rewarding.” says Dan Hood. “We look forward to the next 5 years.”

Five of the Barbershop’s original employees remain today, a testament to a well-run business and dedication to loyal clientele.

“I remember sitting around Emily and Steve’s kitchen table drawing the layout of what we wanted the Shop to look like and the types of chairs and floor we wanted,” says Assistant Manager Krystina Deleon. “It was a unique experience as a young stylist to be asked for my opinion about the environment in which I wanted to work.”

In addition to Ms. Deleon, Sandy Avila, Lauren Hainsworth, Bettyann Sidoti and Kathy Balsamo all celebrate their 5 year anniversaries in October.

The Hoboken Man will have various special events occurring in October to thank its loyal clients and welcome new ones.

“I’ve been coming to the Hoboken Man since it opened,” says Hoboken resident Ken Eagle. “The service is excellent; environment relaxing; and I like to know I’m supporting a local business.”

In its 5 years, The Hoboken Man has added value to the community, often contributing to local charities and participating in local events. Additionally, it’s not uncommon to see the staff at Hoboken restaurants and bars raffling off free haircuts and other services, or at the PATH or Ferry terminals handing out other goodies.

In 2010, The Hoboken Man was recognized by Salon Today Magazine as the 2010 Salon of Distinction.

Bomb Scares = Over!

Please make “bomb scares” go away! Not effective anymore!

Every fucking week, the stupid NJ news “media” feels obligated to “report” so-called “bomb scares.”

We have NOT had a bombing of any major transportation junction EVER. Think about that for a minute… If you need two, five or thirty minutes to think about that… take your time. But please let that sink in.

We are not Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, etc. We do not have subway bombings. Ever.

But the so-called “news media” just injects FEAR into people. Day after day. Year after year. And by repeating the phrase “bomb scare,” most stupid idiots don’t even realize that WE HAVE NEVER HAD A BOMBING INCIDENT! They just feel the “fear” and dramatization of what a big-bad “bomb” exploding would be like. (All without the actual bomb exploding, people dying, and identified subjects, etc.)

Perhaps they’re just “conditioning” people?

bomb scaredy cats Hoboken NJ transit path police

Make the bomb scare reports stop, Jimmy Tango!

It’s time the “media” stop reporting each and every fear-mongering report of what may or may not be something bad happening (or about or feared to) happen. We always thought “news” reported on what ACTUALLY happened. A “false” event NOT happening is NOT news whatsoever.

Perhaps the news should also make “news” about a failed weather forecast that called for “12 to 18 inches of snow,” when only 2 inches fell? Should they blast social networks with that too?

We think those “bomb scare” updates should come EXCLUSIVELY from the entities that are announcing them (like the PATH, MTA, NJ Transit, etc.) The “news” has no business repeating that garbage anymore – especially since it has a 100% track record OF BEING FALSE. For over a decade. At what point do you “call it quits?” Or does making people “live in fear” float their boats?

How to properly handle “crisis” situations

Continuing the point from above – “news” media preys on fear and worry. 100% no doubt. Even if they KNOW it’s NOT news, if it falls into the “fear” or “worry” category, they WILL publish it – because there is the CHANCE that it will increase their RATINGS (which in turn may or may not increase revenue).

By “reporting” every “false” scare, it’s our belief that the “news” organizations are actually doing a MAJOR disservice to the general population.

One, repeating “bomb scare” over and over – it numbs the people down. They don’t care after the 10th false bomb scare – in turn that makes them unprepared if a REAL one happens.

So people are un-affected by your bomb scares – NOW WHAT?

Here’s a crazy idea. “The Powers That Be” might get worried that their constant “fear tactics” are having a lesser effect on the population at large. What then?

How do those psychopaths get to the “next stage?” Or are we already there…?

airbnb in Hoboken

300 homes or rooms for rent in Hoboken via airbnb

If you haven’t heard about it already, airbnb (lowercase by design) is an online service that allows people to find short-term tenants for their rooms, apartments, condos or brownstones. airbnb was a pioneer in this field five years ago, but have many competitors now.

Whether to make a little side money – or really put your place to “revenue-generating use” if you travel or spend extended periods away from where you live (like if you have a 2nd home, beach house or ski house), this is the basic concept of “supply and demand.” Someone wants a room, you have a room, and a financial agreement / transaction takes place.

Seems fair to me! And around there are currently around 300 people in Hoboken that feel the same way.

But local governments everywhere are up in arms about this new form of capitalism. Citing local ordinances, they claim that ordinary people just making an “honest trade” like this is illegal.

Translation? They’re pissed as hell that they cannot skim money from the transaction. Plain and simple. They resort to these archaic laws to knock down micro-entrepreneurs instead of empowering them. Sort of the way political bobble heads don’t like services like Uber and Lyft either. All about the moolah!

airbnb hoboken nj rentals

Going beyond airbnb – other companies fill voids

Anytime a pioneering web service comes out (like eBay for instance), other niche companies follow to “fill the void” for services the others don’t have or haven’t introduced yet. Same with social networks (Hootsuite for instance manages all your useless “feeds” in one place).

airbnb is no exception, as companies like rentingyourplace.com have emerged to help airbnb “hosts” with services like home cleaning, key exchanges and other “concierge” type services.

Renting Your Place also offers a service called AirDnA which are data and analytical reports that arm airbnb hosts with the right information on how to price their units, what your competition might be offering, and so on.

You can get the pricing range in Hoboken:

airdna pricing chart Hoboken NJ airbnb

Or see what typical “minimum stays” other airbnb hosts are offering in Hoboken…

airdna reservation settings Hoboken NJ airbnb

If you’re new to the whole airbnb game, RentingYourPlace.com is a great place to quickly get up to speed with how the whole ecosystem works, and how to better your chances at occupying your place. You can also read the Renting Your Place blog for more information.

Will Hoboken “crack down” on airbnb users?

I can only imagine it’s a matter of time (if they already haven’t started) that the puppets at city hall make some kind of announcement trying to crack down on lowly Hoboken residents trying everything they can to earn a little extra pocket money to help soften the humongous blow from the over-inflated property tax bill.