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Statue Theft FAIL in Hoboken

Weakling punks FAIL at Statue Theft in Hoboken

Here we go again with another nefarious video capture in front of Muller Insurance at 930 Washington Street this summer.

“It shows 4 frat boys trying to steal a decorative garden statue. Luckily we thought to cement it and bury it so they try – but honestly can’t remove it. It’s funny but ridiculous – no one wants us to have a nice main street I guess?”

The good thing is that whomever these “frat boys” were, they certainly were not MEAT HEADS on some football team. Because then, the statue probably would have been damaged. Pencil-neck nerds who get sweaty using anything other than a touch-screen computer are no match for heavy landscaping. They probably dropped their pints of piss-water beer several times throughout the night as well.


Ebola Virus

What you need to know about the Ebola Virus

See – we don’t really read the news much these days (other than quick glances at headlines). Truly “observing life,” requires looking at real things outside and kind of slowly forming an opinion based on real experiences, etc. So we haven’t panicked whatsoever about this “Ebola Virus Scare” that is dominating the “news” headlines. Remember all those other “global pandemic scares” in the past? Avian Flu, SARS, heck – even AIDS was supposed to kill half the world. I don’t know.

Anyway – below is a pretty funny clip from YouTuber Mark Dice. We don’t necessarily agree with the direction he goes on with his rants – but some can be quite entertaining, and his delivery almost always gives me a chuckle or three.

Here’s what he said about the latest fear mongering episode people are talking about:

Are you an iDiot?

Orwell vs. Huxley – or is it both of them?

Food for thought for the weekend…

We recently reviewed Neil Postman’s brilliant book Amusing Ourselves to Death. Where he opined that while George Orwell (in “Nineteen Eighty-Four”) and Aldous Huxley (in “Brave New World”) had pseudo-parallel ideologies when it came to unsustainable societies – he concluded that Huxley’s “amusement” theory was more spot on with what is happening. In other words, why do the work of “forceably” controlling the populace, when you can employ them to do it voluntarily.

However, when seeing it “visually,” as cartoonist Stuart McMillen illustrates here (in a depiction created five years ago), a sensible person will be led to believe that it’s BOTH.

My opinion is that you try to “amuse and distract” as many as you can (say 90%+) and for those who are not constrained by mental weakness – you use the Orwell method of “force.” Can you find anything that contradicts that theory?

Anyone that strictly leans to one side or another might be mistaken. Because it appears that both tactics are in action today!

View the photo gallery below (in order) to compare!

Click to see amusing video depicting the power of technology…

Memorial Day 2014

Memorial Day – Honoring those who have served

A brief video to remind those who may have forgotten (or never knew) why they have a three-day weekend called Memorial Day.

What if money was no object?

THINK: What if money was no object?

While everyone gets ready to enjoy their “three-day parole” from what they call a job – the following is something to watch that may help you find a path towards a more enriching life. This applies to those unemployed as well.

Alan Watts was one of the first philosophers I read back in the day when I “re-learned” what reading can bring to one’s life. For those of you that have more than a two-second attention span, and can actually read, contemplate, think, and quietly and peacefully mull over ideas, concepts and philosophies over a period of time (without any end goal or a “rush to judgment”) – I highly recommend you read his entire body of works. You can summon your “external brain” (called “Google”) to find ways to refute what I’m saying, but that will do you no good.

Just check out what he has written (it’s incredibly enjoyable to read, as well as addictive and easy to digest). And view this compelling oratory piece of his entitled “What if money was no object?” It’s amazing, and would likely “cure” many a troubled people out there striving for something that truly isn’t “within their own soul.” The consumerism, materialism and competitive nature these days has spawn many unhappy and sad individuals traversing the streets of the NYC tri-state area.

Who are you doing all of this for anyway? What if money was no object?


Boys or Men? “The Mask You Live In”

Be a man – is that such a bad thing?

A couple videos to share with only brief commentary. One, is this much viewed “The Mask You Live In,” which has received over 3 million YouTube views. It tries to play down the fact (and the phrase) “Be a man.”

My only question, what can a man be other than a man?

The Mask You Live In {PARODY}

And below – is a parody of the above The Mask You Live In video, made by people who seem to value the importance of the true nature of genders.

Here’s one “mission statement” from “The Representation Project” website (makers of the original video): “Compared to girls, research shows that boys in the U.S. are more likely to be diagnosed with a behavior disorder, prescribed stimulant medications, fail out of school, binge drink, commit a violent crime, and/or take their own lives. The Mask You Live In asks: As a society, how are we failing our boys?”

(I can answer the above question with one word: misdiagnosis.)

What do you think? Who is trying to feminize the male population?