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WTF? People’s Climate March

Suckers: People’s Climate March demonstrates human gullibility

As you’ve seen from all the visual spam posted on trees and telephone poles throughout Hoboken, there will be a massive “People’s Climate March” over in NYC this weekend. Sure is perfect timing after one of the coolest and most comfortable summers in memory.

The NY Daily News posted an article about it recently, and we’ll dissect some of the moronic paragraphs below…

People's Climate March haha

Massive People’s Climate March to seek solutions to global warming

(For one, the headline is making the assumption we have problems that require solutions…)

“Nearly two years after Hurricane Sandy’s devastation made the age of extreme weather impossible for New Yorkers to ignore, our city is about to host the largest mass protest around global warming in history.”

Age of extreme weather? Hello, McFly, hurricanes have always prowled the earth. Every hundred years or so, they make their way up to our neck of the woods.

“Organizers predict more than 100,000 people will parade down Midtown streets Sunday for the People’s Climate March.”

100,000 customers to sell over-priced green crap to. Ka-ching!

“Public support for the protest by some of the nation’s biggest energy corporations, is a clear signal that activism around climate change has become mainstream.”

Leaving out the all-too-important fact that it’s only become “mainstream” due to decades of repeated misinformation and innumerable suckers to soak it all up.

“People get it now,” said Paul Gallay, director of clean-water group Riverkeeper. “Ever since Sandy, there can be no doubt that climate change is real. We need to be in the streets, to make sure the politicians listen to us.”

Paul is right. The climate changes all the time, but not because we had anything to do with it. And there they go again, milking Sandy’s utters until they’re dry. Big, bad fear-mongering at it’s finest.

“In cities across the country, hundreds of buses have been chartered for Sunday’s event, while solidarity protests are scheduled in more than 150 countries, says Bill McKibben, a national organizer of the event and director of an environmental group.”

If those “environmental” groups were so concerned with carbon emissions – why the fuck are they taking buses? Why don’t they walk their lazy asses to the dopey march – regardless of how far or long it would take them?

“In Staten Island, Beryl Furman of the North Shore Waterfront Conservancy has seen a big response by minority and low-income residents who face constant flooding problems from the nearby Kill Van Kull tidal basin. “We’ve already seen people becoming climate change refugees along the South Shore after Sandy,” Furman said. “We can’t deal with the whole idea of starting over again every time that we get hit with another northeaster or hurricane.”

When will these idiots get it? You live in a risky area – you think you can control Mother Nature? Good luck with that. Move away from the water, you nincompoops!

“We have members from places like Guyana and the Philippines who know what climate change means in their countries. Something’s got to be done now to stop things from getting worse,” union vice president Estela Vazquez said.”

No they don’t know what “climate change” means. Let’s correct that: “They’ve experienced natural weather in the environment they chose to live in.” You ever wonder why you don’t see “Volcanic Eruption Marches?” Because they haven’t figured out a way to politically take advantage of the earth’s core yet. But don’t be surprised if that’s next.

See the entire dopey article here. No real “journalists” exist anymore. They’re just parroting total bullshit day after day, and they completely forgot how to ask the ultimate money question: “Qui Bono?”

Never Ending Pasta: WHY?

Olive Garden luring Americans with “Never Ending Pasta Pass”

Pasta makes you fatWow.

Olive Garden recently had a promotion, featuring diabetes a “Never Ending Pasta Pass,” which for a mere $99, you can eat all the pasta you want for seven weeks! The promotion sold out in minutes as nearly a million boneheads bombarded the Olive Garden website in order to snatch up this belly-busting deal.

If you haven’t woken up yet, those carbs will hurt ya! I bet anyone taking that promotion to the fullest will undoubtedly impact their health in a very negative way.

Even sadder is the fact that over 6 million people are fans of those “endless bread sticks” and other insulin-wrecking food-stuff that is plain and simply dangerous to eat regularly, especially in excess. But it’s “cheap” and tasty, so what do people care, right?

David Letterman’s Top 10 “fine print clauses” for this pasta-shoveling stunt is hilarious!

Kickstarter for everything

Everyone wants a handout via Kickstarter these days

Been thinking about this lately. As most of you know, Kickstarter is a “crowdsourcing” way for people to raise money for (insert idea, cause, project, thing here).

Most of the time, the person or people who create their project have different levels of funding, and each one comes with an “award” relative to the donation amount. Ideally, by backing a project before its inception, you essentially get what you pay for (for instance we supported the Poplar Wood Farms Pole Barn, and received a year worth of eggs – or the Buggy Balance project and will receive the product they’re producing).

That part we like about Kickstarter. You get to see “visions” that you’d likely never hear about otherwise, so it gives new ideas a chance to garner support outside the traditional methods (i.e., your own money, silent investors, bank loans or other old school ways of funding).

But what Kickstarter has apparently also become – is a way for just about anyone to hold their hands out and ask for money – without offering a compelling reason why anyone should!

Kickstarter Snarky Wine Importer

Give Me Money to start my business – “just because?”

Take for instance this local person who wants to start a business – Snarky and Spirited Blog and Wine Importer.

She’s asking for almost $20,000 to promote her blog and purchase wine. She has “many wine diplomas” as well as an MBA. Sounds good so far, right?

However, the “Reward” to support her wine blog and importing business is a free plastic bottle of water for every $100 donated.

Hmmm… I don’t think you need multiple degrees and glitzy labels to see that this is just plain stupid. Perhaps a little more effort and originality would have been better? Or how about some of that wine you claim to be such an expert on?

Anyway – there’s a few days left for her project – maybe some angel investors can help her reach her goal?

Best Flat Screen TV NOW!

What’s the best flat screen TV now? LG 55LB5900!

We often get asked for advice regarding various products in the market. Cars, food, appliances, gadgets, etc.

One of the “big” questions we typically get is “WHAT FLAT TELEVISION SHOULD WE BUY?”

And up until recently – our answer was typically “screw it – just buy what you can afford… they’re all about the same…” But that answer has now changed dramatically.

Want the best “no frills” Flat Screen TV? Get the LG 55LB5900 (55″) – - or the LG 50LB5900 (50″) – - or the LG 47LB5900 (47″) – - depending on your space requirements. They also have a 60″ Model if you’re lucky enough to have the space.


Why are these cheap LG TV’s the best?

One simple sentence: They have great displays – and NO stupid “smart TV” garbage. That sums it up (other than they’re super affordable).

These TV’s are beyond the BEST value today. I mean exemplary screens, simple remote controls, basic inputs and outputs – and the most impressive trait beyond the display quality? None of that “bloat” software that comes installed on your TV. No long boot times or sluggish menus. Did you buy a computer or a fucking television set? They also have a very thin bezel, making the “footprint” about as small as you can get before you have to spend four or five times as much for a bleeding edge model.

These LED TV’s from LG are amazing, a good value – and should last a least a few years until the “4K” crowd conditions you to upgrade once again.

Outsmarting the MTA transit system

Hoboken to NYC commuters – learn this tip today!

Thousands of Hoboken residents commute to and work in New York City – and often use the MTA NYC Transit System (and the corresponding “Metro Card” for payment.)

And I’m sure more than one of you has been in a hurry only to find out that you come up a nickel short on your fare, and miss your train as a result. Damnit! Why is that? Well, apparently it’s by design.

I Quant NY shares a simple tip – that instead of using the “pre-populated” purchase options when buying your MetroCard (i.e., $19.00) that you manually type the amount (in this case $19.05), and it will give you an exact number of rides – instead of some “leftover change.” They break down the fare amounts in an easy chart for your reference on their website.

And as a result of this “bad math,” the MTA receives $50 million dollars a year in unredeemed balances! That’s lottery money for God’s sake. Imagine if that was put to good use and out of the hands of some inept government agency?

411 Note: While this is certainly a helpful tip – I liken this to gas in your gas tank. NEVER let your gas go down below 1/4 tank, and people should learn to do the same on their metro cards. Better yet – use the EasyPay Xpress option and never worry about your MetroCard balance. But we understand some people live paycheck to paycheck, or don’t trust their financial info in the hands of morons.

Outsmarting MTA subway metro card NYC

(h/t Rob for the info!)

Statue Theft FAIL in Hoboken

Weakling punks FAIL at Statue Theft in Hoboken

Here we go again with another nefarious video capture in front of Muller Insurance at 930 Washington Street this summer.

“It shows 4 frat boys trying to steal a decorative garden statue. Luckily we thought to cement it and bury it so they try – but honestly can’t remove it. It’s funny but ridiculous – no one wants us to have a nice main street I guess?”

The good thing is that whomever these “frat boys” were, they certainly were not MEAT HEADS on some football team. Because then, the statue probably would have been damaged. Pencil-neck nerds who get sweaty using anything other than a touch-screen computer are no match for heavy landscaping. They probably dropped their pints of piss-water beer several times throughout the night as well.