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Top 5 Benefits of Cold Winter Weather

Top 5 Benefits of cold winter weather (look on the bright side!)

A month before winter officially begins, we’ve already been treated with that stupid polar vortex, temps in the 20′s, and wind chills in the single digits. WTF?

However, in an attempt to “keep calm” and be “more positive,” I have compiled a list of the Top 5 Benefits of Cold Winter Weather in Hoboken.

Top 5 benefits of cold winter weather 2015

Improved Quality of Life

Top 5 benefits of cold winter weather number 5For one thing, the cold weather normally means you need to keep your windows shut. This reduces the ambient “city noise” one might encounter in their paper-thin-walled apartment. But you do the same on summer days, so what’s the difference?

The difference is when it is ice cold out, those who live near crowded bars will have even less noise than normal, as boisterous inebriated smokers will spend a significantly less time yammering about meaningless topics at the top of their lungs.


Improved (perceived) body image

Top 5 benefits of cold winter weather number 4This is a big deal for many ladies out there struggling to attain that perfect waif-like body image portrayed on mind-numbing tv shows and commercials. And during the summer season, wearing lightweight, often next-to-microscopically thin clothing, there isn’t much “forgiveness” when it comes to revealing one’s flaws.

So when it gets bone-chillingly cold, many women out there breathe a sigh of relief! Now figure-masking thick sweaters, bulky coats and more can compliment your insulated yoga pants and you can be more confident!

Big Tip: For those that love to “hide” beneath their wool pea-coats: Spring begins on March 20, 2015. Try not to let your bodies slip too much, or you’ll have an even more miserable next year!

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Will Black Friday ever end?

Black Friday is just a buzz word

It’s amazing to see how “Black Friday” has evolved (or should we say “devolved”) over the past few years. We all know the history behind Black Friday, so there’s no real need to go into it. But rather, where is it going from here? Or better yet – has it gone too far already?

Overstock Black Friday

Retailers attempt to invoke hysteria and “need” earlier each year

No matter what the morons on the financial channels say, or how high the stocks soar – the majority of people are absolutely spending less.

This is my theory as to why I saw CHRISTMAS decorations at big box stores BEFORE Halloween! The stores must have thought there’s a smaller piece of the pie this year, so the “first” to start cashing-in on the limited supply of dollars, the better.

Which is also why I believe stores couldn’t contain themselves from using the (once unique) phrase “Black Friday” in all their marketing. Stuff like “Pre-Black Friday” or like Lowe’s did combining the also “trending” buzzword “leak” along with Black Friday. It never ends.

Lowe's Black Friday Leaks

At what point will the majority of consumers “wake up?”

When do you think the prevalence of all this “OMG once in a lifetime” type marketing attempts just go away? When people realize that they don’t NEED any of the crap they buy?

Or when Black Friday starts in February?

Or when ever other phrase that you hear (all year round) is “Black Friday?”

The whole science of “sales” has always intrigued me. I understand that there can be many factors that lead to something “on sale” cheaper than it “normally” is. It can be moving old inventory while it still has some value (i.e., electronics, last year’s fashion). Or using “loss leaders” in the hope that customers buy other, higher-profit items and accessories. Or just bringing in enough revenue to cover last months bills, regardless of loss. But truly valuable items should really never go on sale. They should just be priced fairly from the get-go.

Here’s a great video parody of Black Friday seen a few years ago on a network TV comedy show that sums it all up (and it’s not very far from reality!):

But as always, it’s the end consumer that ENABLES all this madness. The same goes for any “must have, must see” type of happening in our society (like sports, smart phones, tv shows, latest $300 sneakers). Your fellow man always finds a way to get duped by the latest and greatest – forgetting the value of what is really important in life.

14th Street Viaduct Project

14th Street Viaduct now has basketball courts

Here’s the latest update regarding the 14th Street Viaduct in Hoboken. As of tonight – the basketball courts are now open. As you can see, they’re packed with people who love frigid weather. But I’m sure once the next two seasons pass us by, it will see much more usage.

Now if only the city would “wake up” regarding that awesome bowling alley project, we might have something going up here…

viaduct basketball courts now open hoboken nj

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Mad World Hoboken

It sure is a Mad World in Hoboken!

I heard this song the other day, and it reminded me of this post from many years ago, advising residents that the video was shot here in Hoboken back in 2004.

As 411 reader Cory said: “I was doing my daily duty of procrastinating and looking up videos on Youtube when I came across something that pretty much blew my mind. After listening to the song ‘Mad World’ by Gary Jules on my iPod, I decided to look for the music video. Lo and behold, I realized halfway into the video that it was shot in Hoboken!

Yes, what you see in the music video is Church Square Park from Garden St. between 4th and 5th!”

I forgot to add the exterior shot of AJ Demarest School to put the whole thing into perspective, so this is the view from the “bottom up.”

But one thing that has definitely changed in the 10 years since that video was made is that Church Square Park is now essentially Church Square Playground.

Demarest School Hoboken NJ

“Celebrity DUI”

Celebrity DUI – Who gives a shit about Cake Boss?

Oooh. This “news” story is truly annoying. Mostly because it received “mass coverage.” Cake Boss Buddy Valastro got arrested for having a few drinks. Those evil soul-sucking dregs of society over at “TMZ” scooped what was equivalent to Kim Kardashian’s fat ass. None of which should concern anyone. Ever.

But everyone loves opining about “Celebrity DUI.” Why exactly?

Cake Boss Celebrity DUI who cares

More interesting than a Cake Boss DUI arrest

You see – this can be looked at from two (equally thought-provoking) angles.

  1. Sure, this “DUI” got mainstream coverage. But according to “official” statistics – it’s estimated that over 300,000 people “drive drunk” every single DAY in America. Only around 4,000 are arrested (1.2 million per year). So that means, on average – 6,000 people in every state break this so-called “law” daily. Those are the things that you should talk about at the water cooler – not WHO. You don’t even know Buddy. He’s not your brother, father or husband, so you should treat it like every other arrest: “Did it affect me? No? Cool, I don’t really care then.”
  2. Also worthy of discussion is the whole “DUI” law itself. As you can see from the stats above, a small percentage of drunk drivers are arrested and taken off the road for the night each day. The “law” is clearly not effective whatsoever at making the roads “safer.” They just get people criminal records and revenue for the states.

Another point is that these people are arrested, even though they had not caused any harm or injuries to anyone. Who decreed that .08 was the right level? I know some people that can perfectly juggle fire bombs at BAC of 0.15 and others who I would never get in the car with if their BAC was 0.0001. Each individual has their own level of competence and tolerance for alcohol. This “prevention” and awareness of driving under the influence ONLY ENRICHES THE STATES.

With the exception of completely blitzed drivers who black out, drunk drivers might even be a bit MORE careful driving than texting teenagers.

There’s my 2 cents. Thanks, Buddy. Now bake a cake that looks like a Breathalyzer.

Snaks 5th Avenchew

Snaks 5th Avenchew (update: win!)

We mentioned local Hoboken business owner Carrie Sarabella this past summer, and a legal complaint in regards to the name of her dog treat business Snaks 5th Avenchew.

Well, Saks Fifth Avenue lost the infringement case, because the “parody” of the name was acceptable under fair-use law, and other examples like Tommy Holedigger were used as precedents. So other than the (very) annoying legal costs – “Snaks” is full steam ahead now!

But we wanted to know more about the treats – the options – and would our dogs even like them!

snaks 5th avenchew hoboken nj dog treats

Snaks 5th Avenchew – human quality treats for dogs

Carrie feels that dogs should always eat the highest quality food, since many even suffer from allergies and other ailments (often caused by low quality food as well). Her motto is “If we can’t eat it, why should they?”

We sampled a 12 pack of mini muffins and the dogs ate them up at record speed. If you don’t feel like ordering online – you can get them over at Applegate Farm on 14th St. uptown.

Chooey, the latest canine member of the 411 family loved them the most.

Chooey Approves Snaks 5th Avenchew dog treats Hoboken NJ

GREAT Holiday Shopping idea (auto delivery of treats!)

snakboxBut do you want to know what makes the best possible Christmas gift you can give to any of your dog-owning friends this year? A treat subscription!

Instead of a one-off gift that will be forgotten by the time the New Year’s Eve hangover wears off – a recurring monthly delivery of tasty treats will keep you high on the approval list with your friends.

More economical than buying the treats individually, a $25 per month subscription includes: 1 dozen “pupcakes,” 4 “puptarts,” 1 dozen “Snak Bones,” and a bag of “puptato” chips.

You also get discounts for buying a year up-front ($20 a month), and you can also upgrade the package to include a various “surprise” each month (a fun food item, and sometimes even a toy).

You can peruse the gift options here (which also include options your horse owning friends too – you know the ones that absolutely do not live in Hoboken?)

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