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Teens for Jeans

Teens for Jeans donation bin in Hoboken NJ

Have any jeans you don’t want anymore? Well, instead of throwing them out, or taking them to the Salvation Army in Jersey City – Hoboken High School’s Dimitri Rodriguez is taking part in the Teens for Jeans campaign:

“I’m currently running a community service project at my school called Teens for Jeans. Over a million young people experience homelessness in the United States every year and one of the most requested items that young people in homeless shelters ask for is a pair of jeans. There is a bin in the lobby of City Hall and is running until February 13, 2015. We only accept jeans of any size and color. I would great appreciate it so the word can get out around Hoboken.”

Teens for Jeans Hoboken NJ

Over-saturated retail?

Over-saturated retail spaces in Hoboken?

A lot of new buildings in Hoboken are either recently completed – or soon on the way. And along with most of those buildings, are ground floor retail spaces. But does Hoboken really need any more shopping options, or have we reached the point of over-saturated retail?

Take Maxwell Place uptown as an example. Other than the flagship W. Kodak Jewelers store which will open up this spring – what would truly be “nice to have” in Hoboken that we don’t already have?

With Hoboken being “rated” one of the most “walkable” cities in the country, do we really need a dry cleaner, nail salon, Realtor and doctor’s office on every street? Or is it really true that most people suffer from the dreaded “Four Block Radius Syndrome?”

Would having so many duplicate types of stores just make it even harder for businesses to survive? Especially with the rent that Hoboken is apparently “commanding” these days?

Kind of a shame that all these new developments have to include “street level retail.” Which is why I like blocks like Bloomfield Street or Hudson Street that have nothing but residential “stoops” where you can meet neighbors, and feel like part of a community rather than a pedestrian at a shopping mall.

Do you think all these retail spaces that are available will fill up?

What businesses does hoboken need

Hoboken Christmas Trees

Get your Hoboken Christmas Trees now!

Don’t have your Christmas Tree set up yet? What are you waiting for? An “after Christmas” sale?

Instead of going to places like Home Depot for your tree – why not “shop local” and pick one up in town?

You have Cal’s Christmas Trees downtown (my favorite due to the easy in and out with your car!)

Cal's Christmas Trees Hoboken NJ

Hoboken Christmas Trees Cal's NJ

As well as Silletti Brothers also conveniently located smack dab in the middle of town.

Hoboken Christmas Trees Silletti Bros NJ

Better hurry, though… only nine days left until Christmas!

1977 – The Coolest Year in Hell

You live through 1977?

I kind of feel bad for anyone born 30 years ago or less. So much they missed. In the earlier story about KRS-One, it reminded me of a documentary entitled 1977. One amazing year where so much happened in the music scene. Punk. Disco. Hip Hop were all essentially born.

Those times (and even being an “adult” in the 80′s) were something else. The freedom. The “danger” and recklessness was one thing, but the ability to fall and pick yourself back up without meddling from someone else was divine. Things were more “raw” and less commercialized. Think Maxwell’s then – and Maxwell’s now. That’s a perfect comparison.

Today’s “nanny state” makes having fun that much more difficult. And with political correctness (everyone offended), profound distractions (300+ channels) and constant contact (phone with you 24/7) – how many of you really have a true sense of being anymore? Or is it all horribly shallow these days? Can digital photo timelines and one-sentence interactions really be called “life?” Even if you’re “in” the photos? People seem to need “selfies” simply to exist nowadays.

Anyway – if you have the attention span, and have not seen this documentary – it’s well worth watching (more than once). Enjoy!

KRS-One gets props in Hoboken

Any of you remember KRS-One?

Spotted this interesting (minor) graffiti along Washington St. the other day: “KRS-One meets Tent City N.Y.City.” May not mean much on the surface, but it reminded my of some good times.

Growing up during the “birth” of Hip Hop / Rap was definitely good times. There were many prolific hip-hoppers out there, and KRS-One (Boogie Down Productions) was one of the best. We all had it playing in our “boomin’ systems…”

Krs-One graffiti hoboken NJ

KRS-One and BDP were prophets!

But going back and re-listening to his stuff from 20-25 years ago, and you realize how far ahead of the times he was with his lyrics! Especially important now, with all this moronic Michael Brown and Eric Garner crap hitting the streets. If everyone, and I mean everyone listened carefully to the messages it would make sense – and the violence would stop.

But we DO NOT HAVE PHILOSOPHY or critical thinking in popular music anymore. Not whatsoever! Thinking is outlawed!

Here are a few very relevant Boogie Down Productions / KRS-One songs that could easily be considered current today.

Boogie Down Productions: “Who protects us from you?”

Listen to the lyrics – or read them here. How true today? “You were put here to protect us – But who protects us from you?”

Boogie Down Productions: “Stop the Violence”

One of their first hits – and sensible lyrics again. Might be dated – but just replace some of the words – and it’s just like today! (Including presidential vacations).

Enjoy!Proof that listening to music of days past is well worth your time.

Great gift deal at ShopRite

Who knew you could score a great gift deal at Shoprite?

great gift deal at shoprite hoboken NJWe all have our “usual avenues” to shop at. Whether brick and mortar – or online. But sometimes you just stumble on something that is a perfectly awesome deal – and at the right time as well! I found a perfect match for myself, and realized it was a super great gift deal at Shoprite for this Christmas season as well.

I was in the market for a new cookware set. One of my pans broke, and wanted a “deep dish” style large frying pan. All the other “big box” stores had individual pans on sale for in the $50 neighborhood. If I wanted a “fancy” one at places like Williams-Sonoma – I’d have to part ways with a couple hundred bucks. But Shoprite (Shopritedelivers.com) has this Bialetti Aeternum Nonstick 10-Piece Cookware Set on sale for $49.99. Insane prices for six pots and pans and four lids. A similar unit (minus one pan and one cover) on Amazon is $133!

Note that this product got some “bad” reviews, because people don’t understand the limitations of their tools. Ceramic is not meant for super-high temperature cooking. The same way a pickup truck isn’t meant for speed racing or a slalom course. But this set is a joy to use, and super easy to clean. Give one away as a Christmas gift and look like a hero while saving yourself some cash!

shoprite bialetti aeternum nonstick cookware hoboken nj