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Truth in Graffiti?

Hoboken truth in graffiti?

What do you think of this simple (and fairly harmless) graffiti “tag” near the Metro Stop building in Hoboken?

It reads: “This town does not define you.”

While I’m an independent thinker – and know that nothing defines me but me – I can understand where the writer of this graffiti is coming from.

Many people are in fact “defined” by their locales. They need to “fit in” to have comfort. I mean, have you seen how many overweight women are carrying yoga mats around with them? Holy shit!

The main reason I like what this person wrote on the fence – is that it may hopefully inspire some people to think a bit deeper. It’s not about things, stuff or “statuses.” Your life is short. You should be doing things that are more important than narcissistic endeavors that pad your Fakebook timeline. What about reading a book? Or staying home and doing “nothing” on a Friday night without apologies?

Hoboken may only define those narcissists I rank on about!

This town does not define you hoboken nj graffiti

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Big Bad Bomb Squad

Jeepers! The Big Bad Bomb Squad comes to Hoboken!

Much to the amusement of kids who live near Park Avenue and 7th Streets – the Jersey City Bomb Squad made an appearance today!

What’s the “error rate” with these calls for the big bad bomb squads anyway in America? Like 99.99999% of the time it’s NOT a bomb or improvised explosive?

And I wonder how much money is spent on these almost military-like vehicles? In total for the whole country? I bet it’s in the billions – and that money could have been used to feed some hungry people or lower quarterly ransom payments for property owners all over the map.

I bet if people didn’t watch action movies – none of this so-called “fear” would exist. Oh well.

Big Bad Bomb Squad from Jersey City comes to Hoboken

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Explosive vandalism

Explosive vandalism near Tilted Kilt in Hoboken

Did you hear about the totally stupid “incident” that took place last week outside the Tilted Kilt restaurant in Hoboken?

One or more “actors” set off some kind of firework or improvised incendiary device atop one of the tree planters.

While it doesn’t look all that bad, those things are sturdy! And whatever made it go “boom” was pretty powerful, since it took some serious chunks out of it.

Makes you wonder why more people aren’t against socialized transport (i.e., the light rail) – as it just allows people up to no good the “freedom” to cover more ground. And what is the average tenancy over at the Metro Stop?

Explosive Vandalism Hoboken NJ Tilted Kilt

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Hoboken Jumper

Hoboken jumper disrupts beautiful Saturday afternoon

Leave it up to a maniacal Hoboken jumper to throw a wrench into an otherwise beautiful Saturday afternoon. Now parents will have to explain to their kids “Why is that man on the roof talking to police?”

This is taking place on top of a residential building across the street from the church at 4th and Hudson Streets.


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More gun fun in Hoboken

Hoboken gun action again

man with gun hoboken nj 66 willowGoing on right now: Reports of a “man with a gun” at or near 66 Willow Avenue.

At this time, Hoboken Police along with Port Authority Police and New Jersey Transit Police are “involved” in the action.

Observer Highway is closed, and all cars are being forced to turn up Park Avenue.

Additionally, Newark Street is also blocked off.

All police officers on the scene are being instructed to wear their bullet proof vests.

Not sure exactly what “man with a gun” means, as it is in our constitution as a right – but perhaps this guy was a bit deranged and expressed some threatening words as to what his plans with the supposed firearm are. Maybe he’s talking about killing himself or others. Apparently some phone call was made to Hoboken police which prompted this response.

Guns making news in the cushy Mile Square as of late, as a guy was shot earlier this morning on 8th Street uptown.

(Note: Bullet-proof vests make great Christmas gifts, so start saving!)

Useful Idiot Protest

File Under “Lost:” Useful Idiot Protest at Pearson in Hoboken

Useful Idiot Protest in Hoboken NJ Pearson EducationNo matter what the cause – you can always find at least some people supporting it. They can be for sensible reasons (like reducing the size of gov’t), or other “trendy” progressive hot-button topics like humpback whales or “equal rights” for some very small sub-set of society. For the latter, those people are commonly referred to as “useful idiots,” because most often they’re recruited to help “raise awareness” for some unfair thing or group, without realizing they’re furthering someone else’s agenda (or wealth). There was one such “Useful Idiot Protest” around of the Pearson Education building downtown last week.

Pearson is a very large multi-national “educational” company, publishing books under dozens of labels (like Penguin, Prentice Hall, Addison-Wesley and scores of others), along with aiding various government entities to create their educational programs. They like to present their company goal as helping people “learn” (while making a massive profit from it evidently).

But some folks are unhappy that a company becomes so big that it begins to pull some weight in the world. Like the $100 million in tax breaks that helped persuade them to move their HQ from Upper Saddle River, NJ over here to Hoboken (as well as in NY.) Some folks found that “unfair.”

Signs like “Better Choices for New Jersey,” and a doozy like – “How Pearson STOLE Education!” WTF does that mean? These folks love to pick on big companies – but they have zero idea about the history of “education” in the world. Peel back a few layers and understand the origin of it all (by digging in websites like schoolsucksproject.com to get an idea), then you’ll see why these folks have sadly been recruited to “bark up the wrong tree.”

One thing common with most of these meager protests – is that there’s always some peculiar soul in attendance. Like this ambiguous “person.” I can’t tell if they’re a boy or a girl. These are usually prime targets numero uno for the protest organizers. Like shooting fish in a barrel. Folks like this are often seen on Washington Street with clipboards talking about ozone, transgenders and recycling. Can’t you connect the dots already?

Useful Idiot Protest Hoboken NJ Pearson Education March 2015