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Aquatic Dog Rescue Hoboken NJ 2 0

Aquatic dog rescue?

Dog rescue (or search) in Hudson River The scene along the Hoboken waterfront earlier today involved an apparent dog rescue. It involved boats from the NYPD as well as Hoboken Fire Department. How does...

This town does not define you hoboken nj graffiti 0

Truth in Graffiti?

Hoboken truth in graffiti? What do you think of this simple (and fairly harmless) graffiti “tag” near the Metro Stop building in Hoboken? It reads: “This town does not define you.” While I’m an...

Big Bad Bomb Squad from Jersey City comes to Hoboken 3

Big Bad Bomb Squad

Jeepers! The Big Bad Bomb Squad comes to Hoboken! Much to the amusement of kids who live near Park Avenue and 7th Streets – the Jersey City Bomb Squad made an appearance today! What’s...