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Useful Idiot Protest

File Under “Lost:” Useful Idiot Protest at Pearson in Hoboken

Useful Idiot Protest in Hoboken NJ Pearson EducationNo matter what the cause – you can always find at least some people supporting it. They can be for sensible reasons (like reducing the size of gov’t), or other “trendy” progressive hot-button topics like humpback whales or “equal rights” for some very small sub-set of society. For the latter, those people are commonly referred to as “useful idiots,” because most often they’re recruited to help “raise awareness” for some unfair thing or group, without realizing they’re furthering someone else’s agenda (or wealth). There was one such “Useful Idiot Protest” around of the Pearson Education building downtown last week.

Pearson is a very large multi-national “educational” company, publishing books under dozens of labels (like Penguin, Prentice Hall, Addison-Wesley and scores of others), along with aiding various government entities to create their educational programs. They like to present their company goal as helping people “learn” (while making a massive profit from it evidently).

But some folks are unhappy that a company becomes so big that it begins to pull some weight in the world. Like the $100 million in tax breaks that helped persuade them to move their HQ from Upper Saddle River, NJ over here to Hoboken (as well as in NY.) Some folks found that “unfair.”

Signs like “Better Choices for New Jersey,” and a doozy like – “How Pearson STOLE Education!” WTF does that mean? These folks love to pick on big companies – but they have zero idea about the history of “education” in the world. Peel back a few layers and understand the origin of it all (by digging in websites like schoolsucksproject.com to get an idea), then you’ll see why these folks have sadly been recruited to “bark up the wrong tree.”

One thing common with most of these meager protests – is that there’s always some peculiar soul in attendance. Like this ambiguous “person.” I can’t tell if they’re a boy or a girl. These are usually prime targets numero uno for the protest organizers. Like shooting fish in a barrel. Folks like this are often seen on Washington Street with clipboards talking about ozone, transgenders and recycling. Can’t you connect the dots already?

Useful Idiot Protest Hoboken NJ Pearson Education March 2015


People flock to Hoboken for “St. Paddy’s Day” because…

Since “mayor” don Zimmer killed the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Hoboken (which took place the first Saturday of March), many business owners took it upon themselves to hang on to the tradition – and to the hopes of a profit payday. This so-called “holiday” is most often the most profitable day of the year for the bars. Can you drink to that?

But not all businesses “thrive” on this day, as the owners of Imago Salon in Hoboken said earlier today: “Puking, pissing, crying, screaming and causing traffic jams and keeping my customers away. All by 2pm! Great!”

What I find fascinating is that this event – which is essentially now a purely “manufactured holiday,” still manages to sucker people in. We support capitalism, but still like examining the thought-process of the “customers.”

Look at all these toolbags that voluntarily waited on line to get into what amounts to just a “room” that they drink over-priced alcohol in. All normal, sane people ask the same question: “Why?!?”

Hoboken St Paddys Day 2015 1

How is Hoboken St. Paddy’s Day more “fun?”

Here’s what I have trouble understanding. How are the most CROWDED days for partying considered fun? New Year’s Eve, Super Bowl Sunday, and Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day are days that I would totally AVOID going to a crowded establishment. Why? Because we don’t get pleasure from that.

Can you figure out a reason why anyone would subject themselves to those conditions? How is it more fun? Is it the “hookup” potential? Or the chance to pay a $2,000 fine for absolutely nothing? Date rape?

Do people now embark on such retarded endeavors so they have something to “talk about” on their social networks? Does it bring anyone joy and enlightenment?

I also find it a great case study for a psychology or marketing class. Because a group of people decided that they will market an event like this – and they coaxed people into attending. Wearing green. Cheap plastic top hats made in China. And all the drawbacks associated with coming to town on a day like this (parking, police, fights, vomit, thousands of idiotic zombies). I can understand how they can get away with longtime traditions like religious holidays (Christmas) or national celebrations (like July 4), but a complete non-event like this? What is the payback for attendees? Do they have “lifelong memories” they can cherish forever?

Can anyone guess the average IQ of the group of people waiting online at any given point in time (without using Google?)

Hoboken St Paddys Day 2015 2

Been there done that {Hoboken St. Paddy’s Day}

One last thing. A lot of people were asking why we haven’t done a live police blotter this year – as we’ve done in years past (Even Howard Stern read us on the air several times).

Well, because since the “official” parade was nixed by the bitch in charge (for the time being), we noticed that the outlandish incidents have dwindled considerably. This is honestly considered a “win” for homeowners and non-alcohol serving establishments, but quite “boring” for people like us. Without Port-O-John’s getting toppled or girls passing out half-naked every five minutes – this is just like any warm summer Friday night in Hoboken.

Although, you can listen to the Live Hoboken411 Police Channel 24 hours a day here. We’ve had tens of thousands of listeners already today – and it gives you the “fly on the wall” perspective of what’s happening in town – and how much effort it takes for our Police, Fire and Ambulance crews to “babysit” the drunken revelers.

I guess it boils down to people over-drinking doesn’t become truly interesting until it’s done on the grandest of scales. A “moderate” night of stupidity is sort of like a 5/10 girl. Not much to write home about.

City garages not safe!

City garages not safe in Hoboken NJ – Rims nicked again!

Whenever we see some car vandalized or burglarized in Hoboken (or ticketed by the HPU) – we typically suggest that better alternatives are privately-owned parking facilities. Why is that? Because Hoboken city garages are NOT safe!

Take a look at this nice Jeep SUV who had not one, not two, but all four rims stolen this past weekend (on Hudson between 2nd & 3rd).

What kind of security do they have at those garages anyway?

city garages not safe Rims Stolen Hoboken NJ January 2015

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Hoboken not safe for cars!

NW Hoboken continues to be stolen rim headquarters

Unreal – we have a string of evidence in this post alone, about how the NW area of the city is the “Newark of Hoboken.” This happened just to the north of Shoprite.

I can see how this is possible, though – because it doesn’t take more than 3 minutes max to get all four rims off a car these days with high-power battery-operated impact wrenches readily available.

And what would a “Warning: Do NOT park your car here if you want to KEEP your rims!” sign cost the city? Like a under $100. Would save a lot of headaches for drivers (and police.)

You can imagine the city trying to spin this into a “get out of your cars” initiative.

But just try riding your bicycle on your first date in 25 degree weather. Odds of scoring? Zero.

stolen rims hoboken NJ

Click to see previous “vehicular victims…”

Watch your boxes! (Holiday Edition)

Update: Boxes being nicked in broad daylight

Wanted to bump this ongoing “public service announcement” to remind you slackers that boxes are still getting cleaned out of multi-unit buildings at a breakneck pace again this season.

Just a few days ago, one lobby in a midtown building had a couple dozen shipments stolen.

The thief rolled a shopping cart from A&P Supermarket into the building. Apparently people are too busy updating facebook on their phones and can’t be bothered to look around anymore.

stolen boxes hoboken NJ

Boxes will always be stolen in Hoboken

6/18/2014 Update:

Living in a multi-unit apartment building has it’s pros and cons. The “mailroom” is one of the cons. So many deliveries ripe for the taking. “Common sense” could solve the problem, but that’s a story for another day. Here’s some info about the current crop of box-nickers in Hoboken.

One thief arrested: Fernando Serrano

Good news, one Fernando Serrano was arrested yesterday. He hails from Union City, NJ. (Thanks 9th St. Light Rail Station for the contribution!)

Don’t worry, he’ll be free again soon – or someone just like him will take the baton.

Fernando Serrano Hoboken package thief arrested NJ

Another package thief prowling around Hoboken

There’s another box-thief on the loose – as we received this security-footage montage earlier today.

Recognize him? Call Hoboken Police at (201)420-2100 with anything to help put an end to this horrific loss of material goods.

Hoboken Box Robber

Top 5 Recommendations to avoid lobby theft in Hoboken:

  1. Never have deliveries sent to your apartment if you’re typically not home. As a reminder, you can:
    • Befriend a local business (dry cleaner, bodega, etc.) and have your shipments sent there,
    • Use a place like Go Postal that will receive your boxes for a modest fee (and even deliver them when convenient)
  2. Tell your condo to either move or block the mailbox area – or install frosted glass doors outside.
  3. Have your stuff shipped to your work (if you’re not too weak and lazy to use a little effort to carry it home…)
  4. Live in a better building (i.e., with a concierge – but the drawback is that they’ll see you stumble home drunk missing a heel…)
  5. Stop buying so much shit online

Have any suggestions? Click to see Hoboken411′s previous tips for safe shipping!

Petty criminals are NOT news {Carmine Carpino}

Hoboken resident Carmine Carpino just a petty criminal

Some 73 year old Hoboken resident Carmine Carpino was “picked up” (i.e. “arrested”) for stealing a jalopy in Hackensack the other day. Apparently this geezer has five dozen arrests on his rap sheet during his seven-plus decades being alive.

Previous charges have included shoplifting, “improper behavior” and “lewdness,” amongst several others. Those are fairly consistent with excess alcohol consumption in our opinion (mugshot below is fairly obvious).

Carmine Carpino Hoboken NJ Arrest

Reporting petty crimes (exclusive or not) doesn’t help society

One egocentric tool-bag NJ reporter mentioned this to us the other day, citing “exclusive coverage” of this otherwise useless piece of information. There are millions of petty crimes committed daily. Why we would get our pants warm and fuzzy over a small-time crook like this is beyond explanation.

Why is it that certain meager media outlets get all excited in their “little worlds,” but cannot comprehend the MASSIVE DAILY CRIMES other entities commit (pretty much “legally”) every day?

Price fixing, laws that are unconstitutional, the reduction of our rights, and other “police state” nonsense that is growing more prevalent by the day – but “small time” reporters feel so egotistical with boring shit like a geezer who is just trying to live?

Better questions (rather than just “reporting” on some stupid police reports NO ONE cares about – because they’re ALL cookie cutter) are:

  • Why is Carmine such a criminal? Where did he go wrong? Why is he so old – yet still feels the need to steal? Does he have government income?
  • Has he hurt anyone lately? Who are his victims? “Things,” “People,” “Monetary units?”
  • Does he have a drug problem? Why? How did it happen?
  • Where is his family? Does he have one? Any kids?
  • What kind of skills does he have? Did he go to school? Where did he work?

These types of stories are what keeps the dopey local “evening news” in business. Because all of you enable it. “OH, one guy hit another guy over the head with a sock of marbles and took his wallet!” or “Wow, a car plowed into a bodega and someone got hurt…”

I guess these things might be relevant, because the people immediately in the vicinity might be curious about what happened. But someone 20 or 50 blocks away? Does it really matter at that point? Why not just yearn to learn about EVERY SINGLE TRAFFIC MISHAP GLOBALLY? You’d NEVER figure it all out. It’s all just “local.”

In the end – whether you label yourself as a “journalist,” “reporter,” or “correspondent,” it doesn’t matter – unless you inspire THOUGHT in your readers. A good “writer” will challenge conventional wisdom, and break barriers to what is otherwise known as “groupspeak.”

The story about this petty criminal – despite his “long rap sheet” has more behind it. “So fucking what” he did what he did. More important is asking WHY it happened, and how to find a deeper meaning to it all. Sometimes the net result of our ridiculous society is insanity – and justifiably so.