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Hoboken fire at 400 First Street

Hoboken fire at 400 First Street (Senior building)

6:30pm Update:
Apparently it was roofing material that caught fire – and the Hoboken Fire Department was quickly able to extinguish the fire without severe damage. No one injured, thankfully.

Here’s an Eyewitness news report about it as well.

Wow – big fire going on at Marion Towers at 400 First Street. Can’t imagine how they’d battle it!

Hope everyone is okay!

(Hat tip to Chris for the video!)

918 Willow Fire

Fire at 918 Willow trashes building, deli

Late last night, an electrical fire started on the 2nd floor of 918 Willow Avenue. It reached “3 alarm” status as firefighters from Hoboken and Jersey City knocked the blaze down, which crept in the walls, and caused significant damage to the building. D’s Soul Full Cafe (former Bagel Smashery – Josh & Ive’s) on the ground floor, while not damaged by fire – took a significant hit with smoke and water – and will be closed until further notice.

15 people were displaced, but no significant injuries were reported.

What a shoddy start to the new year! But big props to the emergency personnel who prevented further destruction.

Fire 918 Willow Hoboken NJ

Fire 918 Willow Hoboken NJ 2

Helmers Restaurant

Helmers’ Restaurant in Hoboken to close at end of 2014

One of Hoboken’s oldest establishments around – Helmers’ Restaurant – is expected to close for good, on December 31, 2014.

While this may come as a shock and make some people sad, others we spoke with were surprised it took this long. Since the fire of 2006, many say the place “was not the same” when it came to food, beer choices, etc. Who knows the real reason – but regardless of what kind of business you have – you need to “love” what you’re doing for the positive results to materialize.

And besides that, the faltering economy, and bigger, brighter “Euro-style” places like Pilsener Haus & Biergarten providing that “ethnic” like atmosphere may certainly have played a role.

Other people we spoke with said the place has already been rented ($15,500 per month! $186k a year!). Apparently, the place will be “gutted” and the new owners will put a “dance floor” in? Not sure where they did their market research, but that doesn’t sound right. But you never know, maybe that style venue is just what Hoboken is lacking. We’ll see in 2015!

Nice knowing you, Helmers’!

Helmers Hoboken Closing forever 2014 NJ

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Clinton St. Fire

Clinton St. Fire displaces families in Hoboken

Oh brother. Another fire in that building across the street from Columbus Park, which started around 6pm this evening.

This building has a history with fires, and almost the entire block once burnt down!

The last “major” fire took place back in March of 2012.

What do you think the deal is? Shoddy building construction? Or just careless tenants?

Clinton Street Fire Hoboken NJ

Hoboken Police Blotter: Leprecon 2014

Hoboken Leprecon 2014 Crime and Fire Action Blotter

It came. It went. Hoboken Leprecon demonstrated what happens when people gather to drink en masse. See all the drunken incidents below! (Note – all incidents are to be considered “alleged” and were just reported as they were transmitted over the police airwaves.)

Hoboken Nj Police Fire Action LepreCon St Patricks 2013

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Roof fire at 327 Adams Street

Roof fire at 327 Adams Street in Hoboken

Hoboken Fire Department is currently dealing with a roof fire at 327 Adams Street which started around 1:20pm today. Heavy smoke. It’s currently on 3rd Alarm Status, but sounds as if they have the blaze currently under control as they try to knock it down completely.

Bayonne and Kearny FD were called into Hoboken to serve as backup.

Roof Fire Hoboken NJ 327 Adams Street december 9 2013