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Political Graffiti

Hoboken lucky to have political graffiti to ponder

A week or two ago, we mentioned some profane (and total gibberish) graffiti gracing the streets of Hoboken. But some “vandalism” appears to have a political message attached too. Can you sort it out?

Ban Mitt Romney! {whoever he is}

This brilliant display of tagging (amongst the other scribblings like “cupcakes”) says “Ban Romney Now.”

Why would this person want to “ban” someone who doesn’t currently hold any political office at all? And never in NJ or Hudson County? Ban a free man? Send him packing? Obviously a product of indoctrination. Either that, or maybe they just hate Mitt Romney because of the color of his skin? Which would mean they probably hate and want to ban over 80% of Hoboken as well. Your guess as good as mine!

political graffiti hoboken NJ mitt romney

Big, bad Fluoride

You can either believe fluoride is “safe,” based on what “four out of five dentists recommend,” or you can go a little deeper down the rabbit hole to learn the history of fluoride. Regardless of your position (or lack thereof), there are some people that wish to warn others about the apparent danger of fluoride, based on this sticker near Washington Street.

political graffiti hoboken NJ fluoride

If you ever got the urge to deface property like these guys – what would you write?

Hudson County man John Mercado arrested

John Mercado arrested for allegedly sexually abusing underage boys

One more reason to consider home-schooling!

John Mercado arrested for allegedly sexually abusing underage boys

On Friday, May 23rd, John Mercado (age 52) of Jersey City was arrested and charged with multiple counts of Aggravated Sexual Assault, Sexual Assault by Contact, Aggravated Criminal Sexual Contact, Endangering the Welfare of a Child and Child Abuse for crimes committed against seven (then under-age) boys.

The preliminary investigation by the Hoboken and Jersey City Police Departments and the Hudson County Prosecutor’s SVU revealed that over the past THREE DECADES, Mercado had allegedly molested numerous boys while employed at several local schools (including Elysian Charter School), while he served as a youth athletic coach.

The investigation is ongoing, and anyone with additional information is urged to contact the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Special Victims Unit at (201)915-1234.

Bail was set for John Mercado at $300,000 cash or bond.

John Mercado arrested for allegedly sexually abusing underage boys was once coach at Elysian Charter School Hoboken NJ

Man wanted for sexual assault

Woman sexually assaulted in Hoboken at 1st & Monroe

NBC reported tonight that Hoboken police are on the lookout for a man wanted for sexual assault this past weekend. The man, reported to be in his 30′s allegedly assaulted a woman in her hallway after returning home early Saturday morning.

Below is a police sketch of the alleged actor – and the Hudson County Prosecutors want anyone with information about this person to call the SVU at (201)915-1234.

(Just steps away from Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s home too!)

Hoboken Sexual Assault 1st Monroe

Hoboken Police Blotter: Leprecon 2014

Hoboken Leprecon 2014 Crime and Fire Action Blotter

It came. It went. Hoboken Leprecon demonstrated what happens when people gather to drink en masse. See all the drunken incidents below! (Note – all incidents are to be considered “alleged” and were just reported as they were transmitted over the police airwaves.)

Hoboken Nj Police Fire Action LepreCon St Patricks 2013

Click to see Hoboken Lepre-Con Rap Sheet!…

Safer Holiday Shopping – Fatal carjacking

Four arrested in carjacking death of Hoboken resident

12/21/2013 Update:

Mug shots of Basim Henry, Hanif Thompson, Karif Ford, and Kevin Roberts.

Basim Henry Hanif Thompson Karif Ford Kevin Roberts hoboken murder dustin friedland

(Bail not high enough.)

Four men were arrested and charged with murder in the terrifying carjacking of a young New Jersey man in a mall parking lot, authorities said.

Bail was set at $2 million for Karif Ford, 31, Basim Henry, 32, and Kevin Roberts, 33, all of Newark, and Hanif Thompson, 29, of Irvington, in the point-blank shooting of Hoboken resident Dustin Friedland.

The quartet face murder, carjacking, conspiracy and weapons charges. The FBI and federal marshals arrested Henry in a hotel room in eastern Pennsylvania. Thompson was arrested in Irvington, NJ, after a swarm of cops used a battering ram to reach him, according to a report.

See more here.

four arrested in murder of Hoboken NJ resident Dustin Friedland

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Rims stolen on Jefferson Street

Honda Accord has rims stolen on Jefferson

According to a resident, this grey Honda Accord often parks in the area of Jefferson Street between 3rd and 4th Streets.

Well, this morning – the car definitely isn’t going anywhere except via tow truck, as the rims were stolen and the car was left on cinder blocks.

If Frank Sinatra were still alive today – he’d “remix” his famous “New York, New York” song to include the verse “Start spreading the parts, thanks to less cops, I want my rims back, Hobo-ken, New Jerz!”

Honda Accord rims stolen in Hoboken NJ Jefferson Street December 5 2013