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Clinton St. Fire

Clinton St. Fire displaces families in Hoboken

Oh brother. Another fire in that building across the street from Columbus Park, which started around 6pm this evening.

This building has a history with fires, and almost the entire block once burnt down!

The last “major” fire took place back in March of 2012.

What do you think the deal is? Shoddy building construction? Or just careless tenants?

Clinton Street Fire Hoboken NJ

Hoboken not safe for cars!

Even with nothing stolen, Hoboken not safe for cars!

The string of car break-ins uptown continues. Exactly why Hoboken didn’t approve the “life-breathing” bowling alley project is astounding!

Hoboken resident Alex said: “My late-model Honda Accord was broken into a few days ago near the Bow Tie Cinemas theater on Adams street. Nothing was stolen (I don’t keep anything of value in the car), but my driver front window was smashed and all my compartments were rifled through. It was worth reporting considering other complaints of car vandalism in the NW Hoboken area. I heard the same thing had happened to several other vehicles earlier that week right on the same street.”

This trend will continue in the NW area until your paid servants (city hall) do their job and “move things along” in a sensible way. Not gonna happen till Zimmer & Crew are gone.

Hoboken car broken into Adams 14th

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Watch your boxes! (2014 Edition)

Boxes will always be stolen in Hoboken

Living in a multi-unit apartment building has it’s pros and cons. The “mailroom” is one of the cons. So many deliveries ripe for the taking. “Common sense” could solve the problem, but that’s a story for another day. Here’s some info about the current crop of box-nickers in Hoboken.

One thief arrested: Fernando Serrano

Good news, one Fernando Serrano was arrested yesterday. He hails from Union City, NJ. (Thanks 9th St. Light Rail Station for the contribution!)

Don’t worry, he’ll be free again soon – or someone just like him will take the baton.

Fernando Serrano Hoboken package thief arrested NJ

Another package thief prowling around Hoboken

There’s another box-thief on the loose – as we received this security-footage montage earlier today.

Recognize him? Call Hoboken Police at (201)420-2100 with anything to help put an end to this horrific loss of material goods.

Hoboken Box Robber

Top 5 Recommendations to avoid lobby theft in Hoboken:

  1. Never have deliveries sent to your apartment if you’re typically not home. As a reminder, you can:
    • Befriend a local business (dry cleaner, bodega, etc.) and have your shipments sent there,
    • Use a place like Go Postal that will receive your boxes for a modest fee (and even deliver them when convenient)
  2. Tell your condo to either move or block the mailbox area – or install frosted glass doors outside.
  3. Have your stuff shipped to your work (if you’re not too weak and lazy to use a little effort to carry it home…)
  4. Live in a better building (i.e., with a concierge – but the drawback is that they’ll see you stumble home drunk missing a heel…)
  5. Stop buying so much shit online

Have any suggestions? Click to see Hoboken411′s previous tips for safe shipping!

Lincoln Tunnel Lockdown

100% WTF Times

Crazy police lockdown, assault rifles, body armor, SWAT vehicles, shields, black tactical uniforms, road closures, sirens, flashing lights. For two unrelated “threats.” And the possibility that someone had “a gun” (which is a right everyone has under the 2nd amendment of the United States Constitution – remember that?)

Take a look at some scenes from yesterday below. What’s worse is that no explanation why such “firepower” was needed for these “threats.”

Wonder if more of the same will happen today – or will they give area residents a “break” for a day.

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Cody Brown: Missing Person from WA

Missing Person Alert: Cody Brown

Cody Brown MissingHoboken411 reader Jen sent in this sign posted around Hudson County indicating a urgent Missing Person Alert for a 29-year old man named Cody Brown.

Cody Brown is a mentally disabled man from Washington State, and was last seen at South Hill Mall on May 29, 2014. He was then treated at neighboring Jersey City Medical Center on May 30, 2014. (Wow! On the west coast one night, and getting treatment at a hospital on the opposite coast the next day? How could he pull that off considering obnoxious TSA checkpoints and crazy wait times at hospitals?)

His parents think that he boarded a plane at Seattle-Tacoma Airport. Brown apparently suffers from Cerebral Palsy and epilepsy, and is said to have the mental capacity of a 12-year old.

He was reported missing on the 29th after he didn’t come home after visiting the mall, and reportedly didn’t have his meds that aided in preventing dangerous seizures.

Cody Brown’s family said that Cody called a friend and said he “was headed to the East Coast.” ATM withdrawals were apparently made late this past Thursday night.

Brown is nearly 6 feet tall, weighing 200lbs. Blond hair, blue eyes and a pronounced limp. Without medication, he’s apparently in grave danger – so if you spot him – please call 911 right away to inform authorities of his whereabouts.

Cody Brown Missing Person NJ Jersey City Hoboken NYC Hoboken Hudson County

Hudson County man John Mercado arrested

John Mercado arrested for allegedly sexually abusing underage boys

One more reason to consider home-schooling!

John Mercado arrested for allegedly sexually abusing underage boys

On Friday, May 23rd, John Mercado (age 52) of Jersey City was arrested and charged with multiple counts of Aggravated Sexual Assault, Sexual Assault by Contact, Aggravated Criminal Sexual Contact, Endangering the Welfare of a Child and Child Abuse for crimes committed against seven (then under-age) boys.

The preliminary investigation by the Hoboken and Jersey City Police Departments and the Hudson County Prosecutor’s SVU revealed that over the past THREE DECADES, Mercado had allegedly molested numerous boys while employed at several local schools (including Elysian Charter School), while he served as a youth athletic coach.

The investigation is ongoing, and anyone with additional information is urged to contact the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Special Victims Unit at (201)915-1234.

Bail was set for John Mercado at $300,000 cash or bond.

John Mercado arrested for allegedly sexually abusing underage boys was once coach at Elysian Charter School Hoboken NJ