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trash chute fire hoboken nj housing authority 2

Why have trash chutes?

Trash chutes: Stupid in Hoboken; promote laziness and CAUSE FIRES! (At 310 Jackson) Meh, the Hoboken Housing Authority (referred to on the street as “the projects”) have always had problems with their confounded “trash...

shopping cart wheels stolen hoboken NJ 0

No wheels are safe!

Wheels not safe in Hoboken Hoboken has had it’s share of wheels and rims getting nicked. Usually on the quieter streets. But who would have thunk that even the wheels on an ordinary rinky-dinky...

Parking Garage Fire Hoboken NJ 3rd Street Grand 1

Cars are flammable

Hoboken Parking Garage Fire at 3rd & Grand Streets At the break of dawn this morning, a fire broke out in the parking garage at 3rd and Grand Streets, as Hoboken411 reader Steve was...