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Update: Victim shot twice 2/3/2016 Uodate: Here’s an update regarding last night’s shooting. The suspect (or “actor” as they often refer to them as) was a black male, wearing all black. Still at large....

police action Hoboken Pier A Park NYPD chopper 8

NYPD Police Action

NYPD Boats & Chopper near Pier A Park in Hoboken Update: Body pulled from river. Got a weird message sent to my iPad recently (iMessage – which we never use), containing three videos about...

matthew genovese hoboken missing 1

Have you seen Matthew Genovese?

Matthew Genovese reported missing in Hoboken NJ A local resident named Matthew Genovese was reported missing today when he didn’t show up for work, and no one has heard from him. He was reportedly...

graffiti at pier c park hoboken removed 6

Hoboken Graffiti {over, for now}

Hoboken graffiti removed, “artists” caught Well, it took long enough – but apparently the “kids” who defaced Pier C Park last month were apparently caught. Not sure what will happen to them. But the...

Stan Grossbard Jen Giattino shuffle papers instead of helping residents 9

Shadowy Mayor {update}

What’s Shadowy Grossbard & Giattino up to? For nearly three days, the city was mired with one of the biggest water main breaks in recent memory. You’d think “city officials” would be out in...