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Hoboken train crash NJ Transit

NJ Transit Train Crash in Hoboken

NJ Transit Train Crash in Hoboken Jeez Louise! Looks like the NJ Transit Pascack Valley train coming into Lackawanna Plaza in Hoboken was going a bit too fast (or the breaks didn’t work?) It...

Black SUV Hoboken Pedestrian Death

It’s 99% Pedestrian

Security cam footage of Hoboken pedestrian death {still no plates} Hudson County Prosecutors released several security videos of the Black SUV that killed Zachary Simmons last weekend. Including one that actually showed the young...

Nikola Lulaj Hoboken cop Hurricane Sandy allegations

Sandy Scamming {Nikola Lulaj}

Hoboken Police Officer Nikola Lulaj charged with scamming “Sandy money…” Hoboken Police Officer was charged with some allegedly fraudulent actions regarding Hurricane Sandy funding. See below. This is why the government should NEVER get...

fatal crash outside hoboken NJ on Willow Ave near lincoln tunnel

Fatal Crash outside Lincoln Tunnel

Fatal Crash outside Lincoln Tunnel Commuters everywhere are “complaining” about the traffic during this evening’s commute. Well just know that someone else had it a lot worse than you. It was caused by a...

car fire 4th hudson Hoboken NJ

Car fire!

Car fire near 4th & Hudson in Hoboken What was initially feared as the Ss. Peter & Paul Church on fire turned out to be a car fire. I guess we should take those...