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Have you seen Andrew Jarzyk?

Administration #FAIL in Hoboken – Cameras Broken

Sky high property taxes. Kidney-jarring potholes. Plowing blunders. Parking ticket robbery. Raises for cronies. Broken security cameras. If that was on a resume when searching for qualified candidates for Mayor of any city, it would go straight in the trash bin. Time for Zimmer to resign.

For the past four years… really?

Marine units search Hudson River for Andrew Jarzyk in Hoboken

4/1/2014 Update:

Since Hoboken411 posted the missing person alert for Andrew Jarzyk two days ago – the search has been escalated. With three marine units from NYPD and Jersey City searching the shores of Hoboken on the Hudson River. This was the scene earlier today outside Lackawanna Plaza.

He was apparently last seen jogging along the waterfront at 2am on Sunday morning. Puzzling why someone would go for a jog after drinking at the club. Hope he’s okay!

Andrew Jarzyk search with NYPD and Jersey City Marine in Hoboken NJ

Andrew Jarzyk missing person from Hoboken, NJ


This came into our inbox late tonight. Apparently, a Hoboken resident named Andrew Jarzyk (27 years of age) has gone missing.

Jarzyk was supposedly “last seen” early this morning (1:00am) near the West Five Supper Club at 505 Madison Street. He evidently lived nearby. Records indicate that he’s employed by PNC Financials, and previously worked for Johnson & Johnson and JP Morgan Chase.

Any information leading to the whereabouts of Andrew Jarzyk can be relayed to the Hoboken, NJ Police Department Detective Bureau at (201)420-2211.

Was this foul play? Or “good times” taken a bit too far? Either way, we hope he’s okay.

Andrew Jarzyk missing person Hoboken NJ

Hoboken NJ

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Hit by Light Rail at 9th Street

Man hit by NJ Light Rail at 9th Street in Hoboken, NJ

People have been asking “why was the 9th Street Light Rail platform all bloody this morning in Hoboken?”

Hit by light rail at 9th Street in Hoboken NJ

Injured but seemed OK

Hoboken resident Joseph managed to capture the scene shortly after it happened.

It looks like some guy got hit by the light rail! I wonder how?

I mean it’s natural that “accidents happen” from time to time, and despite being at a train station with heavy moving objects, safety barriers and warning apparatus – makes it no safer than crossing the street in Hoboken.

One thing I’d be worried about is if those stupid thugs that play the “knockout game,” want to “expand their horizons” and start playing the “push in front of the train” game.

Then, I’d be sure the public wouldn’t mind if a vigilante like Charles Bronson from Death Wish made his rounds…

Man hit by light rail at 9th Street in Hoboken NJ

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Hoboken NJ

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Hoboken not safe for cars!

Multiple Rim-Jobs in Hoboken, NJ

Forgot to mention this last week when we reported yet another “rim-job” theft of property from a parked vehicle. There was another car that had their rims nicked. The girl who was visiting Hoboken, most certainly now has a bad taste in her mouth.

Rims stolen in Hoboken NJ like shooting fish in a barrel“My car was parked a few spots away and all the rims and wheels were stolen as well. I returned the next day and called the police. Thank goodness my friend stayed with me while I waited for four hours while I called my insurance, AAA, and multiple local towing companies until I can find a company that was able to help. From your past articles it seems that this has been happening a lot recently but yet the city only cares to ticket a drunk partyer or place a boot on a car rather than stopping robberies and assaults? Are they scared of thug gangsters?

My night out in Hoboken to celebrate a friends achievements turned into a disaster and ended up costing a fortune!

Doesn’t everybody pay enough for taxes, rent, and parking garages already? Now on top of that we have to worry about returning to find that your car has stolen parts or even missing? Sucks having to pay all these extra expenses in order to get your car back to continue on with your daily routine.”

Like my caption on the photo suggests – that if you park in the NW area – thieves can steal your stuff as easy as “shooting fish in a barrel.” Be forewarned!

Click to see previous “nick jobs…”

Hoboken NJ

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day {REAL}

Monday Bloody Monday? Happy St. Patrick’s Day {the REAL one}

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! (From Hoboken411 Alt-Mascot Chooey, who celebrates by showing some Irish pride).

Being that SPD is on a Monday – does that stop any of you from “celebrating?”

So whatever snow ends up accumulating might just make this day a bit more interesting, because the (few) people that decide to drink and drive will have a much more difficult time. Stay tuned later, we’ll see if anything is worth mentioning.

Enjoy the day and be safe!

Happy St. Patricks Day Hoboken NJ Chooey the dog drinks a lot

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Hoboken NJ

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Man wanted for sexual assault

Woman sexually assaulted in Hoboken at 1st & Monroe

NBC reported tonight that Hoboken police are on the lookout for a man wanted for sexual assault this past weekend. The man, reported to be in his 30′s allegedly assaulted a woman in her hallway after returning home early Saturday morning.

Below is a police sketch of the alleged actor – and the Hudson County Prosecutors want anyone with information about this person to call the SVU at (201)915-1234.

(Just steps away from Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s home too!)

Hoboken Sexual Assault 1st Monroe

Hoboken NJ

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Hoboken Police Blotter: Leprecon 2014

Hoboken Leprecon 2014 Crime and Fire Action Blotter

It came. It went. Hoboken Leprecon demonstrated what happens when people gather to drink en masse. See all the drunken incidents below! (Note – all incidents are to be considered “alleged” and were just reported as they were transmitted over the police airwaves.)

Hoboken Nj Police Fire Action LepreCon St Patricks 2013

Click to see Hoboken Lepre-Con Rap Sheet!…

Hoboken NJ

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