Lack of crosswalk at Jackson Street – dangerous intersection?

Hoboken411 reader “carrie” wanted to shed light on this intersection over at Jackson Street and Paterson Ave. in the SW section of Hoboken. She believes it’s a dangerous intersection due to the lack of identifiable crosswalk markings.

Dangerous Intersection Jackson Street Hoboken NJ no crosswalk

Crossing signal without crosswalk at Jackson Street
“I nearly get hit by a car every night crossing over even though we have a “walk” signal. Myself or someone else is bound to get struck by a vehicle soon. I would walk down to Harrison Street where there is a marked crosswalk, but there is no sidewalk on that side either! So stupid. Mayor Zimmer, who lives in the 4th Ward should have done something about this, considering she’s been a politician for over six years. But I don’t think anything will ever be done about it.”

I guess we’ll have to wait till someone gets flattened by a car for something to be done. The joys of living in Hoboken!

paterson jackson crosswalk dangers in Hoboken

Hoboken NJ

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