Tony Boloney’s to open in Hoboken, NJ at 263 First Street

The wait is over. Tony Boloney’s Pizza is expected to “soft” open this week, with an anticipated “grand opening” by this weekend.

Tony Boloney's Pizza Hoboken NJ 263 First Street

Good pizza is good regardless of marketing

Wipe off the flashy marketing and fluffy social happiness, Tony Boloney’s is still just a pizza place. However, their reputation (besides phallic food), is that their pizza is pretty good. They’ve been featured on the boob tube, and are known for their “creative” menu. One beautiful thing for most pizza parlor owners is, because of the blood-sugar spikes 99% of their customers will get soon after consuming tons of starch, wheat and flour-based foods – they’ll be hungry for more very quickly! But the wings (especially the THAI wings) look quite appealing at only $1 apiece.

Tony Boloney’s also features not-so-common sugary beverages from Boylan, Jones, Puck’s & Dr. Browns, as well as Saltwater Taffy straight from the fledgling boardwalks of Atlantic City (home of their first location).

Peruse their menu HERE.

Wonder what the over/under date for first bloody drunken brawl inside will be?

Good luck T.B.!

Tony Boloney's Pizza Hoboken NJ just like Filippos

Description: Tony Boloney’s Pizza, Subs & Grub
Address: 263 First Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Menu: Tony Boloney’s Hoboken Menu
Phone: 201-222-8669

Tony Boloney’s – Hoboken, NJ – 263 First Street

11/18/2013 Preview:

Ever since Hurricane Sandy essentially wiped out Fillippo’s Pizza at 263 First Street, downtown residents have been suffering from a little bit of a pizza depression. But the good news for those folks is that another pizza place is filling that spot: Tony Boloney’s.

Opening in early 2014, Tony Boloney’s is “Famous” for their Atlantic City location, as well as their “erotic” gag items, like the “penis stromboli” and “boob pizza.” And it’s interesting to know that Tony Boloney’s actually started up as a Food Truck, much like The Taco Truck, also in Hoboken. Founder & Entrepreneur Mike has had a long line of successful businesses since graduating from the University of Massachusetts 11 years ago.

In addition to both the traditional and wacky Italian items, Tony Boloney’s will also serve up cheesesteaks, wraps, salads, wings, burgers, french fries and more.

This place will undoubtedly succeed, and may even put a hurting on the other downtown pizza places like Basile’s and Imposto’s. The novelty attraction alone will help them, and if their food is as good as they proclaim – they will vault to the top popularity spot in Hoboken in no time.

Hopefully, they buy top-notch flood insurance!

Are you excited about Tony Boloney’s?

Tony Boloney's Hoboken NJ 263 First Street