Hoboken Animal Hospital


Description –
Animal Hospital
Services – Medicine, surgery, dentistry, x-rays, ultrasound, endoscopy etc. on mostly dogs and cats. Also treats ferrets, rabbits, reptiles, birds etc. Grooming Salon, limited boarding
Website – www.hobokenvet.com
Address –
640 Washington St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-4908
Telephone – (201) 963-3604, Fax – (201) 963-0041
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8 years 2 months ago

Just got back from picking up my puppies at their “day at the spa” here and just wanted to share that they have a cat for adoption in the front window.

His name is Oreo and he is the sweetest cat I have ever met in my life. Absolutely gorgeous black and white coat and he seemed very healthy despite only having 3 legs. He was running around like a little madman and eats well. I wish I could adopt him but I have my hands full. If anyone wants to adopt a cat, I would stop by and at least visit with him.

8 years 2 months ago

Chip, I am in love with Oreo. Unfortunately, Oreo doesn’t like other animals.

Anyone looking to test run a cat, this is the one for you. If he liked other cats and dogs, I might consider taking him – but I think I would end up living alone with 2 cats and a dog, my boyfriend wouldn’t be very happy with me. :) He’s a sweet cat though!

8 years 2 months ago

So tempted, but I think the human and other cats in my life would not be pleased. And my little L is such a bully. My girls are sisters. L weighs more than T, but T is bigger. L is just all muscle, almost 2 additional pounds of power for pouncing on her big sister.

8 years 2 months ago

Hey, i am so glad you guys checked him out. I have never had a cat come up to me and instantly start licking and resting their little head in my palm. They say Oreo will get along with other animals as long as he is not intimitated.

If anyone else sees this go check him out at Hoboken Animal Hospital. He is tooo damn cute and sweet!! 😛

art vandalay
8 years 1 month ago

anyone know what happened to dr. sanchez? they say she is not with them anymore?