Hoboken Animal Hospital


Description –
Animal Hospital
Services – Medicine, surgery, dentistry, x-rays, ultrasound, endoscopy etc. on mostly dogs and cats. Also treats ferrets, rabbits, reptiles, birds etc. Grooming Salon, limited boarding
Website – www.hobokenvet.com
Address –
640 Washington St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-4908
Telephone – (201) 963-3604, Fax – (201) 963-0041
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  1. potatochip says:

    Just got back from picking up my puppies at their “day at the spa” here and just wanted to share that they have a cat for adoption in the front window.

    His name is Oreo and he is the sweetest cat I have ever met in my life. Absolutely gorgeous black and white coat and he seemed very healthy despite only having 3 legs. He was running around like a little madman and eats well. I wish I could adopt him but I have my hands full. If anyone wants to adopt a cat, I would stop by and at least visit with him.

  2. kooky kat says:

    Chip, I am in love with Oreo. Unfortunately, Oreo doesn’t like other animals.

    Anyone looking to test run a cat, this is the one for you. If he liked other cats and dogs, I might consider taking him – but I think I would end up living alone with 2 cats and a dog, my boyfriend wouldn’t be very happy with me. :) He’s a sweet cat though!

  3. Journey says:

    So tempted, but I think the human and other cats in my life would not be pleased. And my little L is such a bully. My girls are sisters. L weighs more than T, but T is bigger. L is just all muscle, almost 2 additional pounds of power for pouncing on her big sister.

  4. potatochip says:

    Hey, i am so glad you guys checked him out. I have never had a cat come up to me and instantly start licking and resting their little head in my palm. They say Oreo will get along with other animals as long as he is not intimitated.

    If anyone else sees this go check him out at Hoboken Animal Hospital. He is tooo damn cute and sweet!! 😛

  5. art vandalay says:

    anyone know what happened to dr. sanchez? they say she is not with them anymore?

  6. LifeonAdams says:

    I want to add that there is an adorable sweet and loving cat up for adoption in the front window recently. His name is Simon and only wants to be rubbed and loved every time I have seen him. He has to be the one of the sweetest cats I have ever met! He needs a home and unfortunately I cannot take him. He cannot be with other cats, so if anyone is looking for a cat and does not already have one, please go by and see him. I feel that he is in the wrong spot to find a home considering everyone who goes into the hospital has an animal already.

  7. 11thBloomRes says:

    Isn’t there a really good place in 24 hr place in NYC that I can bring my dog. She’s obviously in pain and can’t sleep. I think its one of her paws. I’m looking online but can’t find anything.

  8. 11thBloomRes says:

    Can you tell I stopped 3 times while writing that…?

  9. Lady Maya says:

    Oradell Animal Hospital has emergency care. Call 201-262-0010.

  10. bri777 says:

    [quote comment=”70498″]Isn’t there a really good place in 24 hr place in NYC that I can bring my dog. She’s obviously in pain and can’t sleep. I think its one of her paws. I’m looking online but can’t find anything.[/quote]

    Yeah, it’s the Animal Medical Center


  11. a_siren says:

    When my cat had a medical emergency at midnight, I took him to Fairfield. http://www.animalerc.com/emergservice.htm
    They did a good job, but as any animal ER is, they were a fortune.

  12. B-J says:

    In case Kooky kat and Potatochip are still listening: My husband and I adopted Oreo last summer. His name is Jacob now (see Genesis 32) although people at the vet seem to remember him mainly as Captain Hook. We still have him and he’s doing great. He is not wild about our yappy dog (*understatement*) and was extremely annoyed this week when I brought home a tiny rescued kitten. However, after a rough couple of days he has calmed down and realized that he will still get lots of food and love. A couple of months ago, he seemed to hear the call of the wild and was clawing to get out our back door. He finally did escape and I started putting up signs all over the neighborhood. But he returned for dinner. He knows he has a good thing going here. He’s a great cat. Very sane compared to our crazy dog. Thanks for your concern!

    About Washington St vets. I usually use Adams St because they seem a little cheaper, but I took my little rescue there the other day and plunked down almost $200 for initial tests and treatment. She’ll need shots soon. The doctors and technicians are sweet. I agree with the person who said vet bills just come with owning a pet. You need to plan maybe not $800/year, but at least $200-300 and know that occasionally it’s going to be serious money.

  13. Furey says:

    I had a cat for many years named Honey. She was a rescue and a great cat, living with me when I was on Garden and 6th.

    One day she had a problem going to the bathroom and meowing funny. Pet owners know when someone is wrong with how their animals are acting, and I brought Honey to Hoboken Animal Hospital in November 2002.

    We had an appointment and they told me that Honey had bladder stones – x-rays, blood work & vaccinations cost me over $400. The vet told me would need surgery ASAP, and it would cost $800.

    I thought that was a bit high, so got a second diagnosis & estimate from Bid-a-wee. They said it would cost $500, but before just doing surgery they wanted the notes, results and x-rays from Hoboken. Hoboken animal hospital sent them over, and gave me copies of the x-ray.

    Hoboken Animal Hospital asked why was I going to another hospital, I explained why & they offered to lower the surgery to $600! Now, this is A CAT we are talking about. Not like hagging on a car or whatever. I think that was B.S. & was another reason why I immediately didn’t trust this place. They should have given me their best price on the spot – and I felt like I couldn’t TRUST THEM.

    I gave Bid-a-wee all the info, plus x-rays and they agreed that my cat appeared to have bladder stones & would need surgery to make sure they are removed. They open my cat up and…

    Find no stones in Honey’s bladder.

    The bladder was red and irritated, but no stones were present. It was 10 days when the x-ray was taken & the Bid-a-wee decided to take x-rays again. They compared them side-by-side and said that the x-rays of my cat appear to be different than the ones taken by Hoboken Hospital. Different, as in, looks like a DIFFERENT CAT.

    At the time I was calm but seething about how this all went down. The Hoboken Animal Infirmary said that the stones COULD NOT pass without surgery – but either they did or someone has misdiagnosed my cat.

    Hoboken Animal Hospital gave me a bunch of scenarios of how this could happen. I’m not a doctor, but I still think they screwed something up & they did a bunch of unnecessary surgery on my cat. In retrospect, I should have had Bid-A-Wee do their own xrays, which was MY FAULT.

    I dealt with Dr. Agnew & Dr. Sprague at the time and they hemmed and hawed and never got a positive conclusion from all of this.

    I warn people all the time about this hospital, and won’t be bringing my dog there, ever.

    Also when I talk to everyone at the dog park they blast this place. I have yet to meet a dog owner who goes here.

    I bring my dog to The Garden State Animal Hospital in North Bergen. The vet there owns French Bulldogs and are very familiar with how to take care of them.

  14. trueblue11 says:

    I know a lot of people who stopped going there. It happens gradually and in the process of getting wise to shennanigans and listning to the little voice in your head telling you something is wrong, you’re out about a thousand dollars.

  15. elainetyger says:

    I’ve been taking my pets here since January of 1989 and am a satisfied customer. My one cat was born 5/15/89 to a litter in the house of one of their receptionists and she is still alive, despite heart problems, kidney problems, and a stroke, thanks to their advice and care. It is expensive, but I have never believed that they are trying to cheat me. I miss Dr. Zalis, who left Hoboken to open up in Union City, but still take my animals there, usually to see Dr. Onesias or Dr. Sprague. The vet techs Kevin, Karen, Ozzy, Matt, and another whose name I forget couldn’t love animals more. The groomers Robin (who also offers animals for adoption via the charity Companion Animal Placement) and Deirdre have been gentle and compassionate to my elderly rescued dogs despite the crazy little things not always being gentle and nice back. YMMV but I can only recommend them.

  16. pawzclawz says:

    I have a cat. I bring my cat to The Animal Infirmary of Hoboken on Adams St. I’ve heard to many unfavorable stories about Hoboken Animal Hospital. I would never bring my animal there. I own a petsitting business. If I get a client that doesn’t have a vet. I refer them to Adams St. I did have to use Hoboken Animal Hospital last winter. A client’s dog had a medical emergency. H.A.H. was the vet they used. The dog had a heart problem. I ended up putting out about $600.00 of my own money. I wasn’t able to reach the dog’s owner. The dog had to be brought to a 24 hr.animal hospital in Manhattan. I had to authorize a procedure. That may or may not have saved the dog’s life. The procedure was successful. At least for a few months anyway.

  17. mooshu says:

    Been meaning to write this for a while now:

    There’s a groomer/technician that works here by the name of Deidre. I think she’s absolutely fantastic and puts the most nervous pups at ease while clipping their nails, brushing, etc. And she’s been here a long time, I think. So just wanted to put her name out there. Her work space isn’t glamorous but she does a great job and the animals love her.

    — Moosh

    • wiskeytango1 says:

      mother goose aka dog walker..Is that the place you get your make over..your a dream 😕 [quote comment=”209427″]Been meaning to write this for a while now:There’s a groomer/technician that works here by the name of Deidre. I think she’s absolutely fantastic and puts the most nervous pups at ease while clipping their nails, brushing, etc. And she’s been here a long time, I think. So just wanted to put her name out there. Her work space isn’t glamorous but she does a great job and the animals love her.– Moosh[/quote]

  18. Kaiser Sosay says:

    deidre is golden,5 yrs ive been using her to groom my dog not one issue ever

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