Stevens Park broken already in Hoboken

Update 2:

Here are some more pictures and observations regarding the Stevens Park dog run.

  1. The water fountain is already broken / leaking. The geniuses that installed it did so in FREEZING weather. The pipes must have frozen, and it’s already become a busted, leaking contraption.
  2. There is no double gate “holding pen” and dogs are apt to escape much easier now.
  3. The fence at the gate post is “built” using zip ties rather than real hardware. Brilliant.
  4. No shovels, just “poop bags.” Watch how the park will fill with feces when that box is perpetually empty.

Additionally, the “toddler area” is not fenced in. Expect more dough to be spent on that. Plus, kids are apparently getting splinters from the shoddy railroad ties used in the park. Buy stock in band-aids and ointment!

It seems very clear that this whole renovation process has been a complete farce. Wonder what the total bill was for the “soaking” the city took.

Stevens Park – Hoboken, NJ

stevens park dog run update Hoboken NJOK – as you may be aware of – various Hoboken parks and dog runs have been undergoing “renovations” over the past few weeks.

Stevens Park is one of them, and it recently opened – and here is one resident’s “constructive criticism” of the latest city presentation:

“We checked out Stevens Dog Park after they reopened it. Although it’s not quite finished yet, and they still have to finish two gates and whatever the overhead structure is going to be. As you can see, they replaced the hose bib with a water fountain. This is not good. Those fountains get filled with dirt and rocks, how are they supposed to get cleaned? What’s wrong with having a hose? Dogs like to cool off in the summer and people occasionally need to rinse their hands.

Also, the railing set inside the wood curbs will get filled up with garbage and debris. Whoever designed this renovation probably did not get any feedback from people who actually use the parks.”

Well – as far as we’re concerned – this is one of those “hindsight” moments, where you can reflect on the short-sightedness of public entities like the Hoboken city government. The days of thoroughly thinking through complex projects are long gone. Thanks to our “external brains” (as outlined in the awesome book “The Shallows“), deep thought is a thing of the past, and retroactive corrections are now the norm.

Whatever, right? “It’s nice and new” is all that counts these days, despite the shortcomings. Mediocre is the new “acceptable.”

Description: Hoboken City Park, Little league Field, food concession stand, restroom facilities, childrens play area, Dog run, batting cage, ice skating rink
Address: 401 Hudson St, Hoboken, NJ 07030

Photos of Hoboken Stevens Park

Lots of Photos:
hoboken little league game in progress 2 right side.JPG

hoboken little league left bleachers.JPG

hoboken little league concession.JPG

stevens park playground.JPG

stevens park dog run.JPG

stevens park statue.JPG