Columbus Park


A reader found this picture of the pond that used to be in Columbus Park (courtesy of Hoboken Historical Museum).



Anyone ever get “caught” with their dogs off the leash?

Despite walking by this sign often, I never really read it. Luckily I did, because I was thinking of bringing a Snapple and changing the oil in my car there this weekend. Whew!


Description – Administrative Office, Hudson County Park
Services – Public Park, Tennis courts, Childrens park
Website –
Address – 900 Clinton St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone – 201-420-2349

columbus park sign 1.JPG

See other pics below.

columbus park wide 2.JPG

columbus park wide.JPG

columbus sign2.JPG

columbus statue.JPG

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  1. JAHoboken says:

    [quote comment=”32644″]I adore that Columbus statue–in addition to discovering the New World, he also clearly discovered steroids.

    I do NOT adore owners with off-leash dogs. My dog is also somewhat dog-aggressive (however, she makes bizarre exceptions for puggles and Rhodesian ridgebacks), and like Max_Power, I do my level best to be a civil dog owner, steering her away from trouble. Off-leash dogs compound that trouble.[/quote]
    I have to agree with you Caf. It’s just not possible in Hoboken anymore. There was a time…..but. It’s just to dangerous now. I have seen too many dogs run across the street and get hit by cars. I have a place in the country on a dead end road where I can let my dogs of leash, but as good as they are at staying around, one Hoboken squirrel and they will forget every command they have ever learned. R.I.P., Roxy.

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