Hoboken not safe for cars!

NW Hoboken continues to be stolen rim headquarters

Unreal – we have a string of evidence in this post alone, about how the NW area of the city is the “Newark of Hoboken.” This happened just to the north of Shoprite.

I can see how this is possible, though – because it doesn’t take more than 3 minutes max to get all four rims off a car these days with high-power battery-operated impact wrenches readily available.

And what would a “Warning: Do NOT park your car here if you want to KEEP your rims!” sign cost the city? Like a under $100. Would save a lot of headaches for drivers (and police.)

You can imagine the city trying to spin this into a “get out of your cars” initiative.

But just try riding your bicycle on your first date in 25 degree weather. Odds of scoring? Zero.

stolen rims hoboken NJ

Even with nothing stolen, Hoboken not safe for cars!

6/20/2014 Update:

The string of car break-ins uptown continues. Exactly why Hoboken didn’t approve the “life-breathing” bowling alley project is astounding!

Hoboken resident Alex said: “My late-model Honda Accord was broken into a few days ago near the Bow Tie Cinemas theater on Adams street. Nothing was stolen (I don’t keep anything of value in the car), but my driver front window was smashed and all my compartments were rifled through. It was worth reporting considering other complaints of car vandalism in the NW Hoboken area. I heard the same thing had happened to several other vehicles earlier that week right on the same street.”

This trend will continue in the NW area until your paid servants (city hall) do their job and “move things along” in a sensible way. Not gonna happen till Zimmer & Crew are gone.

Hoboken car broken into Adams 14th

Theft or accident – Hoboken still not safe for cars

5/30/2014 Update:

If it’s not thieves ripping the wheels off your car, it’s some numbnut driver who mangles your car and then drives away.

Take a look at this car from earlier this week at 9th & Madison. Parked legally, and away from turning cars. So you had to be driving STRAIGHT from 8th to do this kind of damage!

Only two possible explanations:

  1. Drunk driver
  2. Texting driver

At least the wheel well didn’t look like it took a bad hit.

parked car hit and run hoboken nj

Multiple Rim-Jobs in Hoboken, NJ

3/24/2014 Update:

Forgot to mention this last week when we reported yet another “rim-job” theft of property from a parked vehicle. There was another car that had their rims nicked. The girl who was visiting Hoboken, most certainly now has a bad taste in her mouth.

Rims stolen in Hoboken NJ like shooting fish in a barrel“My car was parked a few spots away and all the rims and wheels were stolen as well. I returned the next day and called the police. Thank goodness my friend stayed with me while I waited for four hours while I called my insurance, AAA, and multiple local towing companies until I can find a company that was able to help. From your past articles it seems that this has been happening a lot recently but yet the city only cares to ticket a drunk partyer or place a boot on a car rather than stopping robberies and assaults? Are they scared of thug gangsters?

My night out in Hoboken to celebrate a friends achievements turned into a disaster and ended up costing a fortune!

Doesn’t everybody pay enough for taxes, rent, and parking garages already? Now on top of that we have to worry about returning to find that your car has stolen parts or even missing? Sucks having to pay all these extra expenses in order to get your car back to continue on with your daily routine.”

Like my caption on the photo suggests – that if you park in the NW area – thieves can steal your stuff as easy as “shooting fish in a barrel.” Be forewarned!

Is it Newark or Hoboken? Rims nicked again

3/11/2014 Update:

Boy the area in the NW part of Hoboken is beginning to look a LOT like Newark. Rims getting ripped off across the board is becoming a regular event. Keep that in mind when deciding whether to be cheap and find street parking – or just ponying up the $30 for an overnight spot! The streets surround Shoprite seem to be a high-risk zone, regardless if Kim Kardashian shops there or not.

You know Hoboken will have “made it” in the car theft upper circle when people start doing shots each time a rim is stolen…

Rims nicked is it Newark or Hoboken

Drivers can’t win – Hoboken not safe for cars!

9/6/2013 Update:

Wow. Here in Hoboken, on top of draconian parking pickpocketing, we also have to deal with the most potholes per square mile. All while trying to find the one available parking spot before the other guy.

As if that wasn’t enough to deal with – other bad things can happen to you car, even if you manage to avoid tickets or severe damage while traveling to and from!

Mercedes gets all four tires and rims nicked in Hoboken

As Hoboken411 reported via Twitter over a week ago (follow if you want real-time updates like that), one poor girl had all four rims on her white Mercedes nicked in the middle of the night. That sure wasn’t a good start to her Labor Day Weekend in Hoboken.

Mercedes has rims stolen in Hoboken not safe for cars

Hoboken over-development also bashes cars

Hoboken’s population is being allowed to rise faster than our infrastructure can handle. If it’s not over-burdened sewers, invasive electrical grid, or crumbling roads and piers, it’s stuff like this.

Some construction crew bashed the window of this slick BMW parked on Grand Street in midtown. The owner, who absolutely loves and pampers his car – was devastated after seeing this reckless mishap.

How do you feel about all this “progress” we’re making?

BMW smashed by back-ho in Hoboken NJ

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1 year 5 months ago

Situation won’t improve any time soon.

1 year 11 months ago
Not a new issue. The “desolate areas” of town have always attracted “car crimes” Newark St. 20 years ago was a wasteland and for whatever reason people kept stealing my radio antenna. Then one time a friend left his leather jacket in the backseat…and voila, got a busted window…and we were gone for all of an hour! So the lesson I learned was KEEP THE CAR CLEAN. Nothing in view, nothing to entice the delinquents as well as the hoodlums from JC. 15 years…only one break in…and gave up replacing the antenna after the 3rd time. Now I’m car less… Read more »
joey maxim
joey maxim
1 year 11 months ago
been situation norm for ever…these cretens are not all delinauents,rather than pros who go after the high priced cars..not all from Hoboken..most from out of town..so many leave tom toms and garmins in the cars and laptops in the back seat….this is what it is and will not change…again these thugs are pros ….best part is how no one hears these lugs removing tires rims from a car at night then plaim the police…strange..condo walls are thin..we live here we deal with it..[quote comment=”223313″]Not a new issue. The “desolate areas” of town have always attracted “car crimes”Newark St. 20 years… Read more »
2 years 1 month ago

Was there a time with no crime in Hoboken? If so, I don’t remember it. I’ve only been here since 1999 so maybe in the 80s it was a super-safe urban environment. If so, it was the first in the world which is an amazing achievement.

2 years 2 months ago

NW Hoboken, west of Willow has for decades been known as “car hell”. The cars on blocks though I believe is something new.

2 years 2 months ago

Eventually people are going to realize that Hoboken is an overpriced mess. Filthy streets, crime everywhere, parking tickets, boots, towing, dreadfully expensive restaurants with mediocre food…Hoboken is going to be abandoned by the young people who keep the city ticking. Cheaper and easier to go elsewhere.