What is your favorite car wash in Hoboken?

Hoboken has a few car wash spots in town. Of course, we’re not fortunate enough to have one as depicted below – but which one is your favorite? Take the poll below, and find an AWESOME alternative just minutes outside of town!

What is the best car wash in Hoboken NJ

The best car wash in Hoboken is:

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West New York offers better car wash for less money!

Face it – if you’re driving a car already, you can’t blame “laziness” for not searching out spots for just about anything that would either be A) better or B) significantly cheaper that Hoboken. And that is what we found recently in our travels. There’s a car wash on 49th & Palisades in West New York. A literal 5 minute drive. I don’t even know the “official name,” but it doesn’t matter.

This place was amazing! The guys worked their asses off, cared about the services they provided – and best of all, it was only $8 bucks!

10 times better than any car wash I’ve received in Hoboken (although the Coconut Grove Detail center was good back in the day – but they’re long gone now.)

Give these guys up in West New York a shot. And not only that, visit any area bodega too – where everything is cheaper. Like 1.5 liter Poland Springs were only $1.75! (Closer to 3 bucks in Hoboken – if you can even find them anymore!)

West New York Car Wash 49th Palisades