Romantic Depot Doomed

Romantic Depot Doomed in Hoboken, NJ

Romantic Depot Doomed Hoboken NJRomantic Depot is somewhat of a “chain” of erotic adult stores in the NYC tri-state area. A long-time Hoboken business, with sister locations in Paramus, as well as West Nyack and Elmsford, New York.

Well, the “anti-business” climate in Hoboken has claimed another victim. The Hoboken location is now essentially relocated in Lodi, NJ. (you get get 50% your fetish as a result).

This story was interesting – because besides the standard “doomed” headline – we could have had a lot of fun with an update like this. For instance:

  • “Dildo Depot Goes the Way of the Dodo”
  • “Romantic Depot – Gotta Go”
  • “Double-Doomed for Romantic Depot”
  • “Bad Business Fetish not a turn on for Romantic Depot in Hoboken”
  • “Not gonna cum again. Another biz goes limp in the mile square”
  • “Thinking of Don Zimmer with a strap on made us puke!”

I could go on. But oh well, the last pseudo “red light district” business in Hoboken goes down the tubes. Oh well. But perhaps it’s better because babies can choke to death on certain sex toys anyway. Chalk up another victory for the stroller contingent!

Romantic Depot Hoboken NJ doomed dildos

Description: Lingerie, Novelties, DVD’s, Videos
Address: 606 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: (201) 795-1212

How Romantic Depot looked during better times over EIGHT years ago (early 2006 – most journalism “interns” hadn’t even reached puberty yet…):

romantic depot.JPG

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6 years 3 months ago

I walked in there with my girlfriend last week to look at some items. They had 2 kinds of handcuffs and I was choosing between them. Because they were in cardboard boxes I could not compare the quality. Since the boxes were not sealed (no plastic wrap) and the items were not personal items that would come in contact with other body parts, I saw no harm in inspecting the merchandise, especially since we just came from another shop down the street that encouraged us to pull merchandise out of the wrapping to inspect it. As I was looking at… Read more »

6 years 3 months ago

Your feelings must have really gotten hurt…it’s a porn store you should appreciate them enforcing common sense, who wants something with your fingerprints on them? “Respectably dressed as adults”(lol)What are you normally dressed as? Or adults don’t steal? You seem a tad bit cranky anyway so that attitude can’t help any. I loved the moral of the story,OHHHHHH word of mouth! Hoboken is a mile-square they have been here 5 years already,I think u either like it, love it, or leave it…it’s not exactly a secret spot! In response to johngmass who said: I walked in there with my girlfriend… Read more »

6 years 3 months ago

I would have asked if I could open the package first, johngmass, regardless of how curious you were…

I don’t do handcuffs but I can tell you that the last time I was in there I found that (a) the porn was gross and (b) the edible items were gross. My friend worked there for some time, so I visited him occasionally but only bought merchandise once.

6 years 3 months ago

john, Just because a store down the street allowed you to open the box, does give you the same right to do it at another store down the street – unless the person owned both stores and told you it was cool. And, the return policy in no way is the same as opening a package inside the store and never buying it. With returns, the package and product go back to the store room to be repackaged if salvageable, or is returned to the manufacturer for refurbishing or repackaging. In no way does a store sell a returned item… Read more »

6 years 3 months ago

No. 1. You should have tried the cuffs on. lol

6 years 3 months ago

I had a good experience here. Wednesday – First I tried to go on my way home from work, which means I had the little one with me. She was sleeping in her stroller. But they have a strict no-kids policy. It put a krimp in my plans, but I understand why it is what it is. I asked if they could make an exception because the baby was asleep, but no. Thursday – I left work early the next day so that I could stop in before picking the little one up at daycare. And the clerk remembered me… Read more »