Romantic Depot Doomed

Romantic Depot Doomed in Hoboken, NJ

Romantic Depot Doomed Hoboken NJRomantic Depot is somewhat of a “chain” of erotic adult stores in the NYC tri-state area. A long-time Hoboken business, with sister locations in Paramus, as well as West Nyack and Elmsford, New York.

Well, the “anti-business” climate in Hoboken has claimed another victim. The Hoboken location is now essentially relocated in Lodi, NJ. (you get get 50% your fetish as a result).

This story was interesting – because besides the standard “doomed” headline – we could have had a lot of fun with an update like this. For instance:

  • “Dildo Depot Goes the Way of the Dodo”
  • “Romantic Depot – Gotta Go”
  • “Double-Doomed for Romantic Depot”
  • “Bad Business Fetish not a turn on for Romantic Depot in Hoboken”
  • “Not gonna cum again. Another biz goes limp in the mile square”
  • “Thinking of Don Zimmer with a strap on made us puke!”

I could go on. But oh well, the last pseudo “red light district” business in Hoboken goes down the tubes. Oh well. But perhaps it’s better because babies can choke to death on certain sex toys anyway. Chalk up another victory for the stroller contingent!

Romantic Depot Hoboken NJ doomed dildos

Description: Lingerie, Novelties, DVD’s, Videos
Address: 606 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: (201) 795-1212

How Romantic Depot looked during better times over EIGHT years ago (early 2006 – most journalism “interns” hadn’t even reached puberty yet…):

romantic depot.JPG

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  1. Easy-E says:

    If they don’t have a display model, sometimes I’ll open a package in a store if it’s something you can close back up. I won’t cut a plastic pack open though. I think it’s perfectly reasonable to want to handle some things before you buy them, especially if the quality of it’s construction is important.

    I can see where the clerk got a little annoyed though. The problem is not everyone is considerate. They either don’t repack it, or don’t take the time to do it right. I used to work retail years ago, I refold shirts and pants I look at in a clothing store, most people don’t do that.

    I have approached staff in stores and asked them to open a package for me if it’s complicated, or I get the feeling they might not like me doing that. If they say no, I just leave and go elsewhere.

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