2013 Hoboken Mayoral Election

Unofficial Hoboken Election Results

Below are the unofficial election results here in Hoboken. Once again, Dawn Zimmer is Mayor, despite a majority of voters voting against her.

And to you residents: Voter turnout was pathetic – considering we have probably over 55,000 residents. More people voted back 16 years ago when the population was 20,000 people less. I guess since there is no “app” for voting, most people are too lazy to get out and make their voice heard.

Hoboken Election Results 2013

Election results roll in

Preliminary results are as follows – Zimmer and her council slate win, the Kids First Board of Education slate win, and the current rent control ordinance remains. This is of course, pending the final provisional and absentee count and verification. Additionally, looks like minimum wage might easily get increased in New Jersey.

See live coverage here until 11pm.

Home stretch for Hoboken Election

Hoboken Election Home StretchThe 2013 Hoboken Election is reaching the end. In a few hours, polls will close and “counting” will begin. We’ll find out later who the winners and losers are, and how the public questions fared.

One thing that crossed my mind today was the whole ridiculous concept of multiple terms. Political positions were NEVER meant to be long-term or career positions. In fact, some “leaders” only actually serve for a single year, let alone two, four or many more.

The reason I thought about it today – is because Zimmer wrote in a letter recently, whining about how she took over during a “difficult time,” and THAT is the reason for her failures, (not complete and utter incompetence.) You buy that crap? Any sensible person would ask – “You knew very well it would “be difficult” if you were elected, then why did you make pie in the sky promises instead of admitting the truth?” And the answer to that question would be “because I wouldn’t have gotten elected if I told the truth.”

Think of it another way. If you hired a contractor who had the best bid, and fastest estimated time for completion – but they botched the job and charged you double, would you hire them again? Let alone recommend them to others? Heck no! You’d “bid out” another contractor and “give them a shot.” You would NEVER let them “try again.” No person would an ounce of common sense would, at least. But politics affects the brain – which is why mistakes are repeated over and over and over…

Hoboken Election Controversy

And as usual, election day isn’t complete without some controversy.

Earlier today at the Brandt School polling location – a Zimmer “challenger” was said to be kicked out and banished from the polls for acting “irrational” and pissing poll workers off to the point where it was disruptive to the democratic process. I guess that’s what happens to people who overdose on Dawn Kool Aid?

Brandt School voting location Hoboken NJ

Signs, signs, everywhere signs

Political signs peppered the landscape today in Hoboken. On street corners, on cars – and even 100’s of Vote YES on the Rent Control Public Question. The Vote NO people busted out sidewalk chalk to disseminate their message. I just wonder where the “Vote Maybe” people were today? Home?

Political signs Hoboken NJ

political fliers Hoboken NJ

Vote Yes Rent Control Reform Hoboken NJ

Campaign Workers all over

On every other street corner were supporters from all camps, in addition to the vote yes/no on the rent control people. You can sort of see how this contributes to overall voter apathy. The incessant begging and badgering from people could annoy some people.

Here is the Occhipinti table on Washington Street. Dog owners were stuffing the bellies of their pooches with free snacks. I didn’t see the Zimmer HQ, but I know a Hoboken PD officers was dispatched there. Guess Zimmer has special needs?

Tune back in later to see (preliminary) results.

Occhipinti HQ Hoboken NJ

Hoboken 2013 Election – Finally

It’s about time the Hoboken 2013 Election rolls around. You’re not human if you don’t get sick of it all!

Here’s a few more quick updates…

Occhipinti hammering relevant points home

This last week, mailboxes in Hoboken were stuffed with postcards from Tim Occhipinti and his One Hoboken team. They’ve touched on points that are important to residents, such as the ridiculous parking ticket theft & boots, plus a promise to get Hoboken “high and dry” from future flooding by putting the pedal to the medal in regards to those pumps.

Here’s a recent interview Tim did on Cablevision, talking about rent control and more.

Ramos relatively quiet before the election

In comparison to Occhipinti, Ruben Ramos’ Vision For Hoboken slate hasn’t sent out as much in the mail, and their web updates have been relatively light. But they performed well in the forums, for the handful of people that saw them.

However, we know that Ramos was busy talking to people on the street, and in various apartment buildings across town. Definitely an “old school” way of connecting with residents. Something perhaps Zimmer could have picked up on in her six or so years in public office. She might as well be called “the press release Mayor.”

Anyway, we’ve been hearing all sorts of conflicting “poll” numbers over the past couple weeks, in regards to where these candidates are placing. I don’t believe any of them really. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens tomorrow night!

Here’s what Ramos’ HQ looked like earlier today. Found it funny that a guy was passed out on the bench in front.

Ruben Ramos Election HQ Vision 4 Hoboken NJ

Does Zimmer want all “old Hoboken” gone?

And this Hoboken Cartoon, according to several residents – sums up exactly what Dawn Zimmer and her handlers are all about. Ignoring what made Hoboken so great.

Dawn Zimmer hates old hoboken NJ

And this one about “politicians” pretending they know what they’re talking about regarding some “fantasy flood wall” that will single-handedly defeat Mother Nature just like that:

Dawn Zimmer flood wall nonsense

2013 Hoboken Mayoral Election – Candidate & Ballot forums

The Hoboken Quality of Life Coalition has announced four dates for this election year’s forums. See below for times and locations.

Hoboken Mayoral Election 2013 Occhipinti Ramos Zimmer

Hoboken Candidate Forums for 2013 General Election

The events this year are as follows:

  • Council at Large Candidate Forum: Tuesday, October 22, from 7pm to 9pm at the Hoboken Elks Lodge, 1005 Washington Street.
  • Mayoral Candidates Forum: Wednesday, October 23, from 7pm to 9pm at the Elks Lodge, 1005 Washington Street.
  • Rent Control Ballot Question Forum: Monday, October 28, from 7pm to 9pm at Our Lady of Grace School Auditorium, Willow Avenue at 5th Street
  • Board of Education Forum: Tuesday, October 29, from 7pm to 9pm at Our Lady of Grace School Auditorium, Willow Avenue at 5th Street

What will the final 2013 Hoboken Mayoral Election ballot be?


As the fall approaches, the Hoboken Mayoral Election 2013 is beginning to heat up.

This week, Dawn Zimmer and her presumptive running mates filed paperwork with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) for the upcoming election on Tuesday, November 5, 2013.

Are the Hoboken political factions aligning or dividing?

According to the paperwork, Zimmer will be running with Ravi Bhalla, David Mello, and James Doyle.

However, no formal announcement was made and this could change before Zimmer’s campaign kickoff next week. Zimmer is trying to remain confident, but the mass exodus of supporters to other states or even other countries such as Jake Stuiver, Ian Sacs, and Greg Lincoln does seem to be cause for concern for the incumbent slate.

Zimmer attempted to court Frank Raia recently at Raia’s annual birthday bash and the again at the St. Ann’s Feast. Those close to Raia say he is more likely to run a ticket of his own. Bad blood apparently still exists between Raia and the other formal candidate in the race NJ State Assemblyman Ruben Ramos, who is in the process of consolidating support behind his own Vision For Hoboken ticket.

Questions still remain on who Hudson County Freeholder Anthony Romano, Democratic Chairman Jamie Cryan, School Board Trustee Peter Biancamano and Council members Theresa Castellano, Tim Occhipinti, and Beth Mason will throw their support behind. Recently, 3rd Ward Councilman Michael Russo attended several Ramos events, but he has not issued a formal endorsement at this point either. Rumors are circulating that there are efforts being made by some of the above mentioned politicos to recruit Castellano or Romano to run for Mayor as the consensus candidate.

Will Zimmer benefit from a divided opposition? Will Ramos and Raia make peace? Will a third ticket arise? More Hoboken runoffs?

All these questions will be answered soon with filing day just about month away.

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2 years 5 months ago

This city is known for special runoff elections. The power-brokers love the extra few weeks of pulling strings and making maneuvers. But Zimmer still has supporters? Why? How?

2 years 5 months ago

Why? Because believing in science fiction or fantasy is easier than reality. [quote comment=”221356″]This city is known for special runoff elections. The power-brokers love the extra few weeks of pulling strings and making maneuvers. But Zimmer still has supporters? Why? How?[/quote]

one and done
2 years 5 months ago

Anyone willing to give Stawn another chance is out of their mind. She/He failed on the promises made, exhibited poor leadership traits, governed by spicy press letters, and outsourced jobs that should have been done in house. Not to mention how the rest of the country thinks of us after watching her embarrass Hoboken after the storm last year. One and DONE!

2 years 5 months ago

There is no run-off for this election – winner takes all! Don’t count out Raia, Waiters – Yes, the other Theresa since Castellano has aparently decided not to run. Romano has been quiet and there may be a cast of others.

2 years 5 months ago

I’m no fan of Zimmer and her zombies, but the thought of allowing Ruben Ramos to return to City Hall sends shivers up my spine. Think about it. His only real accomplishment during his tenure on the City Council was getting his mother a job! Aside from that, what did he do that was positive? The Roberts Administration failed miserably in maintaining the waterfront parks as well as the parks inside the city. They demoralized city service employees by failing to negotiate contracts, the city was almost as filthy as it is today and the fiscal mismanagement they encouraged let… Read more »

2 years 5 months ago

……and you’re logic in all this is to squander all the money you want on attorney fees (a record in the city of Hoboken), cheat the residents and businesses with erroneous parking violations. give all there is to give to developers who are looking to price you out of town, continue to paint bike lanes while riders continue to speed down sidewalks without penalties, continually blame previous administrations for today’s problems, not coming throught on any previous campaign promises—–but don’t give your mother a job. To me, it sounds EXACTLY like zimmer zombie rhetoric.

2 years 5 months ago

What I’m saying is that just because someone isn’t Zimmer doesn’t mean they should be Mayor. Most of the things you attribute to the Zimmer Administration were also issues when Ramos et al. were in power. Parking violation abuse was the rule of the day under Roberts, developers ran away with the town, and politically favored Realtors did really, really well. As far as legal costs, some of the same lawyers who chirp in Zimmers ear were the same ones who drove the Roberts Ramos agenda. My point is that change should produce real change and we have to be… Read more »

2 years 5 months ago

Showme has finally showed their true colors. A Zimmer operative. What back room deals will fall through if Stawn gets voted out? What do you have to lose? A lot apparently. Ramos has done more for us in his Assemblyman role than Zimmer has with direct leadership over Hoboken. And blaming Ramos for what a previous Mayor did or didn’t do is weak. Looking at the out of control development that is happening now and how we’re losing control of sensibility in this city is fully on Zimmer’s watch. Wasn’t her campaign promise to stop pointing fingers? Ha.[quote comment=”221392″]What I’m… Read more »

2 years 5 months ago

The only thing this fool has accomplished is to divide a town right down to it’s ministries. And I have news for you….. she’s counting on people like YOU with YOUR kind of logic to win another election. And as for electing “anyone but zimmer” to run this town, well what makes you think it’s anyone but zimmer who is ALREADY running this town.[quote comment=”221392″]What I’m saying is that just because someone isn’t Zimmer doesn’t mean they should be Mayor. Most of the things you attribute to the Zimmer Administration were also issues when Ramos et al. were in power.… Read more »

2 years 5 months ago

Mayor Dawn Zimmer who berated a priest in front of his church. How can anybody in their right mind vote for this lunatic?