Is controlling “nature” even sustainable in Hoboken?

I’ve had dogs at various stages in my life. The most (important) now, is the Hoboken411 Mascot Oscar. My companion through the 1.3 mile square, and a celebrity in his own right (he’s taken a break from the mohawks for a few weeks). But as we progress the ~37 linear miles of roads in Hoboken, and him, being a species of different genetics (and not ruined by greed, ego, power and control), I wonder why human-inspired laws benefit anyone. Like pooper-scooper laws, “curb your dog” laws, leash laws and every other “controlling” mechanism out there.

For one, I think of these “curb your dog” debates that happen in communities across the country. Many even try enacting all-out bans on certain dogs. Why, exactly?

Dogs have been a huge part of human culture for thousands of years. They really are “man’s best friend!”

But for some reason, society has all of a sudden become hateful towards these wonderful working and loyal beings!

Anyway, here’s Oscar sniffing out a small patch of grass recently. What am I supposed to do yank him the minute he starts peeing? You ever try stopping? It stings! How inhumane!

Oscar finds grass in Hoboken NJ