“Mass Text” – America, we have a problem

Mass Text Video – exactly what is wrong with America

Tay Allyn Mass Text why why whyGoing to keep my commentary short for this blaring example of evidence that our society is going down the tubes. This particular “Mass Text” song and video from some bimbo named Tay Allyn.

It’s not as much as the “representative” song that Tay Allyn “performed,” rather than that this is actually subject matter in our lives.

No doubt “technology” has infiltrated our lives to an incredible degree. And yes, there are “pros” and “cons” regarding said technologies. However, the simple ultra-rapid advance of such technologies and communication methods is causing a problem in my opinion. Simply put, the technology is advancing many times over *within generations* rather than between generations.

That said, not one person can actually absorb, contemplate, or understand what is happening around them. They just accept the new platform and “deal.”

Imagine the pony express, postal mail, the telephone, then the answering machine, call waiting, beepers, cell phones, the internet, text messages, then the myriad of social “updates” now competing for everyone’s attention.

What percentage of our culture actually “thinks” about days past? Remember when you were lusting after another person, and all you had was that wacky answering machine? What about back in the day when people really wrote hand-written letters? Imagine the personality within those mediums. The reality, the human touch, the smells, the tones, etc.

This video made me sick. This dopey broad pretty much got bent out of shape because of a frickin’ text message. 100 years ago she wouldn’t have this problem. People would be more focused and clear-minded about most of their decisions. Nowadays, you have a million distractions clouding your true thoughts.

I could go on and on in a very productive way, but “the machine” is converting everyone over, which I feel is a complete shame.

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