Hoboken parking sham on July 4th weekend

Imagine you planned your move carefully. Paid to secure your spot way in advance, only to get screwed on moving day? Well – another FAIL from the HPU…

Hoboken Parking SHAM July 4th Holiday Weekend

Resident: Hoboken took my money, didn’t enforce signs

“Here’s yet another example of the ridiculousness of Hoboken Parking Utility.

We spent $50 on the temporary no parking signs on first and Washington because my boyfriend and I were moving this past weekend. There were cars parked in front of the no parking signs. We called Hoboken Police and they said they couldn’t do anything or enforce the signs because HPU is on vacation! So yes, the town took my $50, issued me temporary no parking signs and they couldn’t be enforced. Thanks for nothing, Hoboken!”

They should get their money back times three, plus extra for the headache.

What good does our city do?