New Jersey Running Company opens in Hoboken, NJ

As if we needed this additional running store in Hoboken – New Jersey Running Company (127 Washington St.) is scheduled to open at 10am on Saturday, November 23rd.

In case you thought this was a genuine “local” shop, be warned that it’s owned by Finish Line – which has hundreds of shops set up in malls across the country (more than 660 actually.) From what I understand, they’re trying to trick shoppers into believing they’re a “local” company (just by having a local “New Jersey” d/b/a name in the title). Much like other big conglomerates try to fake their way into the local scene only to abandon ship when they hit a rough patch (and shareholders get angry).

However, ignorant “runners” and “joggers” seem to be sold by the strong branding & marketing presence they have, and have become loyal customers hook, line and sinker (it’s that pseudo über-athlete mentality that clouds all sensible judgment).

If you really want to truly shop local – then head over to Fleet Feet a few blocks to the north.

New Jersey Running Company Hoboken NJ 127 Washington Street

Description: New Jersey Running Company – footwear and apparel
Address: 127 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Hours: M-F 10am-7pm, Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 12pm-5pm
Phone: TBD

New Jersey Running Company – 127 Washington Street

6/26/2013 Update:

Most of you know that the old favorite Hoboken Farmboy was essentially forced to close due to exorbitant rents. Next up was supposed to be Moe’s Southwest Grill. However, it looks like they backed out, and a new place is surely filling the spot: New Jersey Running Company.

A quick trademark search revealed that New Jersey Running Company will be a store that features apparel and footwear (duh), and that they seem based out of Indianapolis, IN.

How this rather large store will affect places like Fleet Feet, or even the corporate Foot Locker just up the road remains to be seen. However, their close proximity to the PATH station may be a factor for those other shops.

Do these retail stores really get enough business to cover the rents? Do a lot of people buy their sneakers and other apparel online, such as places like

New Jersey Running Company Hoboken NJ 127 Washington Street