Napoli’s Pizza in Hoboken adds burgers to make everyone happy!

You ever get stuck in a debate about where to eat? Half the group may opt for pizza, while the other half may want some burgers and fries. If you go to a bar, you might get a decent burger, but a semi-good pie. In order to get a great pizza, you have to visit a genuine Italian brick oven pizzeria to get that true authentic taste and texture – but no burgers. Napoli’s Pizza (1118 Washington St.) solved that problem recently – by adding a burgers, fries and onion rings to their lineup!

Napoli's Pizza Hoboken NJ 07030

60 Second Review: Napoli’s burger & onion rings

First, it was very gracious of Napoli’s to even think about adding the convenience of burgers, fries and onion rings to their menu. They already make one of the best pies in town – so they didn’t really have the need to do such a thing.

To put it to the test, I ordered a simple cheeseburger and onion rings. I wasn’t anticipating gourmet.

  • For starters, the onion rings were quite voluminous. Not overly gummy or breaded, and had the flavor I’d expect in a tasty deep fried onion slice. Up there as one of the better offerings in town already.
  • The burger wasn’t massive – but it was beefy enough to be satisfying. They garnish it with lettuce, tomato, red onion and your choice of cheese. The bun held the meat well (I just took a bite and removed the bread to stay as true to the low-carb lifestyle as possible.) One improvement I’d make is if they asked how I wanted it cooked. It came out medium to medium well, whereas I would have ordered medium rare. Next time.

For $9.95 I felt it was a fair enough value. A few bucks more than some places, a few bucks less than others. Average price, I guess.

Tip: An interesting curve to ordinary dipping sauce, inquire if you can get some of their vodka sauce on the side. Very nice!

Call Napoli’s at (201)216-0900 to order, or ask other questions about their menu or daily specials. Enjoy!

Napoli's Hoboken cheese burger onion rings review