Hoboken: Smart Grid & Smart Meters. Are you ready?

Not going to elaborate much about what the “official” statements are regarding the Smart Grid & Smart Meters. Any “official” message you might hear is all about how good this new technology is for the supposed betterment of our modern civilization. If you choose to believe that “hook, line and sinker,” as well as the recent announcement from Hoboken City Hall regarding the “Smart Grid,” then you should skip this update. It will be of no benefit to you or your future. Hurry back to reality TV and social network status updates…

Hoboken NJ Smart Grid Power Dawn Zimmer

Smart Grid & Smart Meters. Who benefits? You? Power Company?

Since almost nothing should ever be considered “official” until you can look at what the “official” stories are leaving out – I present you with some of the tidbits floating around regarding this “upgrade” to how the power will be delivered (and measured.) Some common beliefs from those who are in protest are:

  1. Invasive technology that monitors usage, can tell how you use appliances, and can be used as marketing data which may be sold to corporations.
  2. Harmful technology that can cause illness, disease. RF radiation may lead to headaches, nausea, childhood sickness, etc. Similar to how high current power lines and cell towers have shown to correlate to various conditions.
  3. For those that refuse the meters – the power companies are suggesting that they will charge you MORE than you’re paying already.

And much more… Some states in America (like Maine and Vermont) have adopted legislature that allows customers to opt out without penalty. But it seems that in New Jersey, people like Hoboken Mayor Zimmer are supporting this draconian plan for 24/7 surveillance of our “free republic.” Just do some internet searching (with places like Start Page or ixquick) and you can get a bigger picture of what is being debated.

Here are a few videos that explain in detail how the “smart” system works – and the potential calamities that are possible.

This video, called “The Dark Side of “Smart” Meters,” is a 30 minute seminar, complete with diagrams and more:

And this guy delivers a speech about the so-called “dangers” as well. However, I’m not sure if he cares – or is just promoting his website freedomtaker.com and his “anti-smart-meter” kits which sell for $70 bucks. Who knows, you decide.

Enjoy your privacy!