Verde Vita – No More

Verde Vita fizzles out in Hoboken

Yep – it appears that Verde Vita has wrapped up, about six short months after they opened. Word is that there was a bit of strife between business owners.

I’m sure it had nothing to do with the runaround they got at city hall which delayed their initial opening by many months. Nah, that wouldn’t put a strain on any financial relationship whatsoever! Small business owners absolutely get overjoyed when they have no cash flow and still have to pay the rent.

Oh well, maybe greener pastures can be found in a more pro-business community.

Verde Vita doomed Hoboken NJ

Verde Vita brings genuine Italian love to Hoboken, NJ


There are a lot of new coffee places in Hoboken to compete for your caffeine addiction (the list is growing too, including The Bean Vault, Red Lion, Bwe Kafe to name just a few). But no place is as genuine Italian as Verde Vita which opened up at 1212 Washington Street this past weekend.

Practically everything in the shop is from Italy, including the furniture! The space feels open and welcoming, with the exposed brick walls and high ceilings. Most certainly not pretentious either!

We didn’t have time to “taste” any of their solid food – but boy, the coffee was tasty, with the rich texture and bold flavor you’d expect from Italy. A perfect local option to choose from instead of Starbucks!

Welcome to the neighborhood, Verde Vita!

Description: Italian Cafeteria, coffee and pastries.
Address: 1212 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD
Online: TBD

Verde Vita sneak peek preview this weekend in Hoboken

12/12/2013 Update:

The much anticipated Verde Vita Italian Cafeteria is having some trouble opening up since their announcement back in the Spring. The permit process for small businesses in Hoboken really shouldn’t take so long, as it can cause economic hardship the longer it takes. However, owner Mario wants the Hoboken residents and visitors to get a sneak peek at what will be offered once they open early next year.

So head over to Tresorie Framing (1204 Washington St.) this Sunday, December 15th from 10am to 6pm to see what “fine Italian food” is going to grace the mile square. It will also feature various Tuscan olive oils as well. Have fun!

Verde Vita Hoboken NJ taste sampling

Verde Vita Tuscan Olive Oil

Verde Vita Italian Cafeteria coming to Hoboken, NJ

5/23/2013 Update:

Verde Vita Coming Soon to Hoboken NJ 1212 Washington StreetForgot to mention this the other day! As Sole Salon is planning to move from 1212 Washington to 1222 Washington in a couple months, there are already plans in place for what will fill the void at the old location: Verde Vita Italian Cafeteria.

Sound familiar? It’s because Mario, the owner of Italian Handbag & Accessory store Viola Vita is opening it up!

I asked Mario – with many new businesses opening up uptown, like Bwe KafeRed Lion Coffee – and the upcoming Rosticeria Da Gigi, how he would fit into the competitive space?

He said this new “cafeteria” will be as close to an authentic Italian Cafe that you can get here in Hoboken. A throwback to simple traditional times. Real Italian pastries (actually over-nighted from Italy daily), and coffee/espresso that only comes in one size. No “grande,” “Venti,” “Trenta” or the like. About the only thing that won’t be imported from Italy, would be the breads – however, those will come from area Italian bakers.

Mario’s initial estimates have the new cafeteria operational by the late summer, early fall. He’s actually one half of a partnership in the new eatery – and will continue running Viola Vita. And if the same amount of passion is put into this business as his current store, he should do just fine!

Verde Vita Hoboken NJ 1212 Washington Street 2013

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3 years 1 month ago

Congratulations, Mario!!! I am so excited to try the new place. If the quality is as amazing as the handbags, then its going to be awesome!!!

Much luck!
Shannon & the pup (Vida)

joey maxim
joey maxim
3 years 1 month ago

wow..we have over priced undies and jamies at the womans store + the pocket book store that sells pocket books worth more than the $$$$ inside and and Italian eatiery all next to each other…this yalooo can afford the rent and his trips to Italy and back are a mystery..If these dolls can pay the weight .go for it..clear heads..Imagine the rent the three stores will have to pay..Jcpenny and Macys are more realistic..enjoy yourself.

joey maxim
joey maxim
3 years 1 month ago
keep in mind the most over priced undies have skid marks in them.. as for Italian bread no one can match doms bakery….on grand street and fiories mutz on 412 adam many new comers don’t have a clue..Brooklyn Carnasie may match doms ..Keep eating that crap bread from blimpies subway and dream your in Italy..Now we have these new cuties on 1220 Washington st three stores together..How much is swag bag? lord help us.[quote comment=”220855″]wow..we have over priced undies and jamies at the womans store + the pocket book store that sells pocket books worth more than the $$$$… Read more »