14th Street Viaduct Design

How do you like the 14th Street Viaduct design so far?

As everyone in Hoboken knows by now – the 14th Street viaduct uptown has been undergoing a restoration and expansion for the past year or two already. Estimated date for completion is sometime around January or February 2014. But what do you think of the actual design?

14th Street Viaduct in Hoboken NJ excess expense

Is the fancy design necessary? Wasteful? Or good for property values?

14th St Viaduct bricks Hoboken NJNaturally – the most important part of a piece of infrastructure like this is functionality. Does it work? Will it last? How much will it cost? Who is paying for it? (Public money is being used one way or another – either locally, statewide or even federally).

But I noticed that this new structure – while coming along nicely, is receiving a fancy brick-work fa├žade.

While I agree it will fit in a lot nicer with the other cookie-cutter condos in the area (and might even add a bit of “character” – and feel a bit more like a “neighborhood”), but I wonder how much extra money it added to the total cost, instead of say – a solid concrete structure.

And What about ongoing costs? Does this brick like outer shell require less or more maintenance in the future?

Lastly – do you think that a “fancier” viaduct actually augments this neighborhood, helping maintain or even increase property values?

What if it did cost a lot more to look this way. Are you OK with it? Or would you rather they just cover the fundamentals?

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4 Comments on "14th Street Viaduct Design"

2 years 8 months ago

I think it looks great and I would not rather see just a concrete structure. During the 1900’s they built with pride and did thing faster and cheaper. Today however you have union workers lazy to do there jobs, work slow and take no pride. That is why these jobs run high and over budget. I also walk down that way and can t believe how there are always a group of 5 to 6 workers hardly working.

2 years 8 months ago

Let’s face it…..anything is going to look better than that broken down erector set we’ve traveled over in the past.

2 years 8 months ago

It certainly is a great improvement in looks and use. I use it frequently.

2 years 8 months ago

What if it did cost a lot more to look this way.

My guess is that if it cost a lot more it wouldn’t happen. There simply won’t be enough money left over for the principals to siphon away and spend on Escalades, ostentatious home decor, and their wives’ boob jobs.