Do you encounter reckless drivers in Hoboken?

A few days ago – a pedestrian was killed right outside Hoboken. The driver was arrested (various DWI charges), plus it was already a rainy morning on top of it. While that was apparently a blatant criminal act in bad weather, what about simple reckless drivers in Hoboken?

One Hoboken resident who is a parent with children – details a precarious vehicular situation he was in this past weekend that did NOT involve inclement weather or booze.

Reckless drivers in Hoboken at intersections

Letter: Focus on bad drivers instead of parking tickets

“This past Mother’s Day weekend, I was at the corner of 14th and Sinatra, ready to head west on 14th with my two and four year-old children. I looked both ways, reminding the kids the same, and as we took our first step into the crosswalk, a black sedan comes speeding up Sinatra, blowing right through the stop sign and turns left at what had to be 30 miles an hour. If not for such a bright, clear day, I might have taken more steps into the cross walk. And perhaps been hit, or worse, my kids.

This is not a parking lot stop sign, mind you, but a official one. The driver then sped to the front of the Zeni Nail Salon on 14th and Hudson.

I picked up my kids in each arm, and ran to the nail salon to confront this dangerous driver.

A fairly young guy, he seemed completely blasé about the fact that he blew through a stop sign in a heavily pedestrian area, and could have killed myself or either of my small children. He seemed to care NOT ONE BIT when confronted with a rattled parent at the danger he puts people in.

The rage at his self-important attitude also fueled my anger at the town for wasting an awful lot of manpower chasing down parking violators when they could make a whole lot more money giving out tickets to jerks like this who put residents in danger.

I’m not saying that late at night, when the streets are empty, you can’t do a slow roll through a stop sign if you are aware of your surroundings, but this was the middle of a Sunday with lots of people out enjoying the afternoon.

And just so he could make a nail appointment!

Why is it that the city has no desire to monitor some very dangerous corners? Basically every stop sign near Maxwell Place, the Shipyard and the Hudson Tea Buildings are a danger zone. Will the town be satisfied if some kid on a bike or a parent walking legally gets mowed down?

Just two weeks ago a mother and child were hit-and-run by a driver near the Brandt school.

Agree or disagree?