DWI accident leaves one pedestrian dead near Hoboken

This past weekend – 24 year old Ron Hill Jr. from Jersey City was stuck and killed by a DWI driver in a black Jeep right outside Hoboken (between Cliff Lofts and the Sky Club).

Luis Garcia, a 22 year-old male out of Brooklyn, New York was charged with DWI, leaving the scene of an accident and vehicular manslaughter. He was tested with a BAC % of 0.13, and is being held on a bail of quarter million dollars. He was arrested by Hoboken police after a brief search.

Hoboken resident Lucas – who lives in the Sky Club – witnessed the entire ghastly scene from his balcony around 3am Sunday morning.

Drunk driver kills pedestrian near Sky Club in Hoboken NJ

When light is green – Paterson / Paterson Plank is dangerous!

Lucas described the scene as he saw it.

“The jeep came down Paterson Plank at a high rate of speed, and jumped the curb near the tracks and killed the guy on the sidewalk. Afterward, the car skidded way across the tracks and struck at car about to make a right from Marshall Street. While I called the police, the driver of the car he struck got out and attempted to chase him down, to no avail. The wet roads were most certainly a factor on top of the DWI.”

DWI Death pedestrian Hoboken NJ SkyClub Cliff LoftsThe medical examiners took the body about six hours after the accident, and both the roads and light rail were closed. This is quite scary, considering I walk to see friends who live up the road all the time.”

Can safety be improved? Or is it just luck of the draw?

I asked Lucas if he believed the safety in this area could be practically improved or not.

He said with two traffic lights and a pedestrian crosswalk in place – that proper protocol has already been followed. He mentioned that if they possibly re-locate the crosswalk closer to the Sky Club – it might be clearer conditions, but when the lights are green – cars still speed around the blind turn regardless.

So maybe it’s one of those terrible situations where someone was in the “wrong place at the wrong time.” But that makes you wonder, why do people drive from Brooklyn to Jersey City to get smashed? What’s so great around here anyway?

And if this can serve as a firm reminder – that despite this being an inclement weather, alcohol-infused accident – you should still be VERY aware of your surroundings at all times. I see too many people absorbed in their technology while traversing busy intersections, not paying attention to signals – or even worse – other inattentive drivers.