Rosticeria Da Gigi now open at 916 Washington St. in Hoboken

rosticeria da gigi open in Hoboken NJTook a bit longer than they expected, but Rosticeria Da Gigi is now open (916 Washington St. / 201.710.5850)

It’ll obviously be a little while before they’re fully “up to speed” with all of the prepared foods, but the kitchen was certainly open today. We got omelets and they were done perfectly. Also tried the tomato mozz salad which was super fresh and tasty.

Take a look at the Rosticeria da gigi MENU here.

The menu has a comprehensive breakfast selection (eggs, pancakes, waffles, french toast, quiche, etc.) and lots of sandwiches, paninis, burgers as well as homestyle “dinner” dishes, salads and pasta offerings.

For the digestively challenged people – there are many gluten-free options too.

Can’t wait to try Rosticeria da gigi again once they’re running on all cylinders. Note, they’re open until 10pm seven days a week, starting off at 7am on weekdays, and 8am on weekends.

Good luck Rosticeria da gigi!

Rosticeria Da Gigi – 916 Washington St. – Hoboken, NJ

5/6/2013 Update:

Rosticeria Da Gigi Coming Soon to Hoboken NJ 916 Washington StreetLooks like we have a very compelling new food option coming later this month in Hoboken. Rosticeria Da Gigi hopes to open up in around three weeks over at 916 Washington Street. This spot was home for years to Joey’s BBQ as well La Bella Vista Pizza (for only a month or two).

What will eventually be known in Hoboken simply as “Gigi’s,” Rosticeria Da Gigi is preparing to WOW Hoboken in a multitude of ways. Rosticceria in Italian means “a shop selling roast meat and other prepared food,” and that’s what one of the owners, Mark Bogdanos is striving for and more.

For one – you’ll be amazed at the operating hours. 7am to 10pm seven days a week.

And from what we saw when we took a sneak peek – they pulled out all the stops when it came to the kitchen and fixtures in the establishment. High end everything. From display cases, to the stove, a premium meat roaster, deep fryer, deluxe meat slicers and even the ceiling fans and outdoor chairs (one of the most comfortable in town). This kitchen was meant to be high volume, and from what I learned will be served on a daily basis – I doubt they’ll have any issues at all.

“Gigi’s” set to become a Hoboken establishment

The premise – while grand in plan, is quite simple. To offer a wide selection of premium prepared dishes for Hoboken residents and visitors to enjoy, at a modest price. Hot entrees, cold dishes & salads, coffee, espresso and even breakfast items like deep-fried Italian donuts and pastries.

Additionally – almost every single item will be made in house (with the exception of the bread). No Restaurant Depot “corner-cutting” at Roticeria Da Gigi’s, according to the owner.

I heard one of their “signature” dishes with be a special French Dip sandwiches made with melt in your mouth prime rib and authentic home-made gravy.

Bogdanos has partnered up with Louis, the former owner of Luca Brasi’s downtown, and the two will be the primary “chefs in the kitchen.”

The opening menu will only be partial – as many of the meats (like corned beef, etc.) will actually take a couple weeks to prepare!

And on top of that – diners have a varying menu to look forward to, as Mark suggested that it will be “very seasonal, often changing every couple weeks.” He said that they’ll strive to source as much of the fresh ingredients locally when possible.

In addition to the prepared food – Bogdanos suggested that they eatery will be very flexible – and can practically cook almost anything a customer might want, provided they have the ingredients (soup, special dishes, etc.)

This is exactly what Hoboken needs – and we look forward to a reliable, tasty food option that doesn’t break the bank.

Good luck Rosticeria Da Gigi!

Description: Italian-based eatery featuring prepared foods. Outdoor seating and delivery.
Address: 916 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-710-5850
Online: Coming soon