Why does Elysian Cafe block sidewalk 24 hours a day?

Elysian Cafe gets favorable treatment for blocking sidewalkYou know – the city did one thing right in recent memory. Hoboken411 had been saying for years, that the “seasonal” use of outdoor seating by restaurants in Hoboken was nonsensical. They recently approved outdoor seating all year round, so a restaurant can capitalize whenever the weather was nice (such as a 60 degree day in February, etc.)

However – it seems that some restaurants in town are violating other parts of the city code for “limited sidewalk cafes.” Like Elysian Cafe, at 10th & Washington for instance.

How does Elysian get away with violating several parts of the code on a daily basis? Like:

  1. No sidewalk café shall be permitted to project into a sidewalk more than half the width of said sidewalk or eight (8) feet, whichever is less, but in no case shall it extend so far as to leave less than six (6) feet for pedestrian traffic. Elysian leaves less than four feet – and with stroller moms just standing there half the time, means pedestrians must walk in the street to pass by.
  2. No preparation of food or beverages shall take place outdoors but shall be restricted to the inside of the licensed establishment. They have a water and ice station located outside. You want a maggot-carrying fly landing in your water?
  3. Most important: The sidewalk café partition, overhead covering, and all tables, chairs, and other café furniture shall be removed from the sidewalk at the close of business each day. Elysian leaves the partitions out 24 HOURS A DAY!

The fees range from $150 up to $500 per violation, per day. If the business fails to rectify the situation within 10 days, their license may be revoked.

Not sure why some businesses get favorable treatment and others have to follow the rules. I suppose you can use your imagination to figure out why.

Elysian Cafe blocks sidewalk 24 hours a day in Hoboken NJ