Church Square Park in Hoboken reeks like toxic fumes

Questionable Hoboken Moments Church Square Park Toxic smellRemember late last year we were wondering why Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer held a “ribbon cutting” over at Church Square Park – in the cold, dead winter? When the park wasn’t even complete yet?

I believe I’ve figured out why.

Because if were held on a warm, sunny spring day – those in attendance would be coughing and wheezing from the toxic smell of the artificially-surfaced park!

During last weeks mini “heat wave,” I immediately noticed how AWFUL the park smelled on a sunny 80-degree day. My conclusion was that it was rubberized surface that protects kids from ever experiencing a skinned knee (which most of us consider a rite of passage to adulthood). Now instead of a little nick or bruise, we’ll have pampered nincompoops who never experience a little hurt, and the suffering, healing, and patience that comes along with it. And as a bonus, they’ll get to experience awful chemical smells instead of fresh cut grass and blooming flowers.

I can only imagine this on the hotter days later this year.

But this is nothing new in Hoboken. Just ask the residents uptown near 14th & Willow, who have been complaining about the toxic smells coming from a nearby construction project for a year. Only to have their concerns fall on the deaf ears of politicians like Peter Cunningham and the like.

Toxic Church Square Park in Hoboken NJ artificial surface

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