Ice Cream Trucks in Hoboken

Double standard for Ice Cream trucks in Hoboken NJ?

Hoboken411 reader Arseny sent in this photo of some Hoboken ice cream trucks and said:

“My beef with food trucks is the noise their engines make. Also that they tend to park illegally. There are three at church square park. All making 3x noise and all parked illegally. This kind of thing happens every weekend.”

So now that we got that out in the open, and thought about it for a minute or two, the points and questions at hand are:

  1. Regular cars would get ticketed or towed for being in a no-stopping, no-standing zone. Why is it OK for food trucks? So kids can have ice cream?
  2. The noise apparently bothers some residents. Do the they need to keep them running? Are there alternative ways? Who addresses quality of life issues around here anyway?
  3. Gluttony. Do people need to have constant and immediate access to food and treats? Whatever happened to enjoying your tub of ice cream at home? Why all this “eating on the run” these days?

Illegally parked ice cream trucks and food trucks in Hoboken NJ

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joey maxim
2 years 5 months ago

double standard..When one weighs the pros and cons guess the complaintent may have a slight edge..Judging from the photo looks like the mr softy truck is near a pier area or a park..The down side is at night with the generator running does make lots of noise.The up
side this guy if the same guy has been around for years..Another down side is sometimes at night.after 10pm. Recall as a kid you waited for the eskimo,and lemon ice truck to pass
by? Guess someone has to have something to complain about.

Hoboken Teach
2 years 5 months ago

Many parents and children of this community enjoy the ice cream that comes from the trucks. I spend a lot of time in that park, and love seeing the faces of the happy children when they’re eating it. If we’re telling kids they can’t eat ice cream, we’re taking a lot of the fun out of being a kid. I remember growing up chasing the ice cream truck in my town. I am a healthy adult as I was a healthy child. Kids can have treats as long as they have limits.

Also, I believe people who choose to live next to the park should understand it is going to be noisy, particulary during the day. There are many upsides to living next to the park, but that is just one of the things that go along with it. Food trucks are people trying to make a living and support their family just like everyone else.

2 years 5 months ago

I live close to Church Square Park and I’m there with my dog at least once a day. These trucks aren’t in anyone’s way, and they really don’t make much noise at all, especially when the park is full of kids… And before anyone says anything, the kids SHOULD be having fun and making noise. It’s a park! If anyone needs silence and plenty of open space the library is right across the street. I won’t speak for other locations, but the trucks are not around Church Square late night. This is only an issue if someone really wants to go out of their way to make it one.

2 years 5 months ago

Don’t really have a problem with the trucks. Used to the city noise for a long time. But you have a point with #3. We live in an instant gratification society with little patience and no concept of anticipation.

2 years 5 months ago

How about the fact that families might like to enjoy their snack outside in the park, or surrounded by friends? Plus, having the truck standing there waiting for you is part of building the anticipation. I remember when I was a kid, I would go to a park with my parents and after playing for some time (hour or so) we would get something from a truck. Having the truck there while I was playing, knowing I couldn’t get it yet, was part of building the anticipation.

I don’t argue that we live in an instant gratification society, but I don’t think having ice cream trucks at a park is reflective of that.

My only problem with these trucks is that as you’re crossing 4th St at Park, you can’t see the cars coming down 4th because the trucks are blocking the view. Its dangerous, and someone is eventually going to get hurt.[quote comment=”220418″]Don’t really have a problem with the trucks. Used to the city noise for a long time. But you have a point with #3. We live in an instant gratification society with little patience and no concept of anticipation.[/quote]

2 years 5 months ago

For goodness sake another thing to complain about. First off, Tony has been around and at that location for more years than you have probably lived in Hoboken. The two or three other trucks just seemed to appear one day and have come back every day. Maybe there should be a limit at to how many ice cream trucks surround a park, but as one poster said, everyone is trying to make a living. Were you ever a child, did your parents allow you to have ice cream? Maybe you should move to an area, like Upstate New York, where your nearest neighbor is a acres away and the nearest store is driving distance this way you can have it quiet. 😕