Double standard for Ice Cream trucks in Hoboken NJ?

Hoboken411 reader Arseny sent in this photo of some Hoboken ice cream trucks and said:

“My beef with food trucks is the noise their engines make. Also that they tend to park illegally. There are three at church square park. All making 3x noise and all parked illegally. This kind of thing happens every weekend.”

So now that we got that out in the open, and thought about it for a minute or two, the points and questions at hand are:

  1. Regular cars would get ticketed or towed for being in a no-stopping, no-standing zone. Why is it OK for food trucks? So kids can have ice cream?
  2. The noise apparently bothers some residents. Do the they need to keep them running? Are there alternative ways? Who addresses quality of life issues around here anyway?
  3. Gluttony. Do people need to have constant and immediate access to food and treats? Whatever happened to enjoying your tub of ice cream at home? Why all this “eating on the run” these days?

Illegally parked ice cream trucks and food trucks in Hoboken NJ