Falco: Zimmer makes Hoboken less safe

Deadline approaching for Zimmer in Falco lawsuit

5/15/2013 Update:

Note that Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer and her lawyers have till the end of Thursday, May 23, 2013 to respond to the lawsuit brought forward by Police Chief Anthony P. Falco.

If you need to catch up – click here to read what this is all about.

Zimmer Falco lawsuit extension May 23 2013 Hoboken NJ

Falco lawsuit against Hoboken Mayor Zimmer: Damning

4/12/2013 Update:

Back in March, Hoboken Police Chief Anthony P. Falco, Sr. filed a comprehensive lawsuit against Mayor Dawn Zimmer and the city.

I finally had the time to review the 42-page document, and all I can say is WOW.

Hoboken NJ Police Chief Anthony Falco Sues Mayor Dawn Zimmer

Falco: Zimmer’s constant harassment disrupted police work

The lawsuit Falco filed contains hundreds of allegations against the Mayor, her staff and other city employees. We always knew the Mayor had some serious issues, but this honestly takes the cake. Zimmer just plainly hates Chief Falco for whatever reason – and has apparently severely over-stepped her boundary as Mayor. From meddling with confidential police affairs, to repeatedly harassing the Chief to the point where officers actually had to be taken off the streets to deal with it.

Falco v Zimmer Hoboken NJAdditionally, you remember those police layoffs in 2010? The Chief said that he provided a plan to Zimmer that would save the $2 million that the city was looking to cut WITHOUT LAYOFFS. The Mayor refused, and demanded that the city have less officers on the streets. Mad your car got stolen? Thank Dawn for that.

The allegations in the lawsuit can make your skin crawl when you imagine being in Falco’s shoes. Zimmer and her cronies have made performing the job tortuous, and in actuality, reduced the effectiveness of our police department to the detriment of the Hoboken public. There are 25 “Counts” in the document.

Other parties mentioned in the lawsuit are Angel Alicea, Ian “where is he now?” Sacs, Ravi “Pay to Play” Bhalla, Arch Liston, Michael Kates, as well as additional city employees and departments.

The suit looks strong, and it’s our belief that it won’t turn out good for the city or it’s property tax-payers. Because in order to prevent airing even more dirty laundry in court, a seven-figure settlement might be on the horizon. Then again, Zimmer can just say “I don’t recall” 1000 times and hope for the best. Who knows.

This week, the city filed for an extension to reply to the lawsuit which usually is not a good sign if you’re a defendant.

Can you imagine being in this situation? What horrible people to work with. Such a shame.

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9 Comments on "Falco: Zimmer makes Hoboken less safe"

2 years 9 months ago

Wow is right. I didn’t need a lawsuit to know that Dawn Zimmer is a disaster. She has to go along with her cronie Peter Cunningham who basically has left his residents in the fifth ward stuck inhalling toxic fumes on end while claiming he and the mayor are, and I quote, “doing great thins.” She should step down as shoudl Peter Cunningham.

2 years 9 months ago

Zimmer ought to resign.

2 years 9 months ago

Didn’t the last Police Chief sue the city, too?

2 years 9 months ago

Dawn and Stan have a personal vendetta against Falco which is based only on misinformation and speculation (like everything else in their lives). The witch hunt they’re on is completely unwarranted. Surprised Falco waited this long to take action. Can’t wait for the new thugs in Hoboken to relocate to New Hampshire permanently.