Dao-Sheng Acupuncture

Dao-Sheng Acupuncture

Boy, you know you’ve been online a long time when your “to do” list is nearly as old as Facebook is! Was flipping through the “oldies but goodies,” and found one that was overlooked from a few years back. Dao-Sheng Acupuncture, which was once located on Willow Ave., is currently located at 109 Grand Street.

“Small miracles happen every day with acupuncture.” Dr. Shi-Hong Loh’s words become reality at Dao-Sheng, with locations in two offices in northern New Jersey. At Dao-Sheng, you will find Traditional Chinese Medicine practiced by an physician trained in both Eastern and Western traditions. A specialist in hematology and oncology, Dr. Loh provides specialized and refined acupuncture care for cancer patients.”

On that note – does Acupuncture really work? If so, why isn’t it WAY MORE prevalent? Can’t compete with the “big boys” of “Mainstream Medical?” Or is it just quackery?

Dao-Sheng Acupuncture Hoboken NJ 109 Grand Street

Description: Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine
Address: 109 Grand Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: (201) 659-0100
Website: Dao-Sheng.com

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1 year 11 months ago

I have been going to Dr. Loh for many years. He has an American MD and was also trained in as a doctor in Taiwan in acupuncture and herbal medicine. I believe that acupuncture has been an effective treatment for over 2000 years. While we in the west often try to deal with symptoms, acupuncture deals with the underlying health of the body. Many studies have shown the efficacy of high quality acupuncture. I myself have seen improvement in soft tissue injuries, hot flashes, back injuries and allergies. Dr. Loh is easy to talk with and I have had great… Read more »

1 year 11 months ago

“Mainstream medical” has proven to be incredible at saving lives and extending lifespans overall. Acupuncture is yet another way to improve health. Both work, but for obvious reasons some people are not crazy about the idea of being stuck with needles.