11/10/2006 Update:

Also… if any one of you frequent this place regularly as a watering hole, what’s the scene like on weekends? Please let us know!

Zacks, same owner as Ted & Jo’s.

Description – Casual bar & restaurant. Entrée price range $8-$13.
Services – Bar, Restaurant, Steaks, pasta, salads
Address – 232 Willow Ave # 1, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-7903
Telephone – (201) 653-7770


November 2006

We stopped in one afternoon for a quick lunch. Having been here before and knowing the food had always been good, it was time to throw together a quick review.

Since the place was essentially empty, it was best that we ate at the bar, which is practically a dead ringer to Ted & Jo’s.


Bartender was friendly and efficient enough. Good with keeping the drinks topped off.

We overate as usual (the “excuse” being – “need to review more items”). Could have been just fine with a sandwich each, but had to order an appetizer, which was a giant plate of Nachos. That alone could easily have fed two people by itself. Very tasty, despite being a bit of a pain in the ass to eat.


Rather than ordering something off the menu, we picked the two sandwich specials for the day to share. One was a grilled cheese with bacon, tomato, cheddar and meunster cheese. It was a hit. A little too much butter, but it sure tasted better than the grilled cheese at the NY Milk Shake Company (which proudly displays their “best grilled cheese” award). We couldn’t finish either sandwich after stuffing our gullets with nachos.

The grilled chicken with avocado and onions was also pretty good. Kind of hard to eat, but still tasty. We had to take doggie bags home. I think I’m going to re-name that phrase to “piggie bags”.


In general, the food is always good at Zacks, just like their sister restaurant. They have some of the better fries in town. We didn’t notice a bad smell in the place anymore (I guess since the smoking ban). Wait-staff and bartenders are good as well.

A reliable Hoboken restaurant indeed!