Hoboken HDR Photo of the Day: Jefferson Trust

Continuing the Hoboken HDR Photo of the Day entry is a historic building at 313 First Street: The Jefferson Trust Building.

A simple afternoon photo (for artistic purposes) in Hoboken is not as easy as it sounds. For an architectural photo like an iconic building, it’s ideal not to have ANY moving subjects in the scene. Sure it might be easy if you’re snapping ONE photo on the fly – but to get three or five consecutive shots without visual disruption at this intersection took over half an hour! Was a non-stop flow of cars, baby strollers, pedestrians, bikes, buses and cabs.

Currently – The Jefferson Trust Building hosts the Issyra African Art Gallery – which has been an installation since last summer. You can also see their Facebook page.

Jefferson Trust Building Hoboken NJ HDR small

Enjoy your week ahead!