This is Hoboken Cyprus – city tickets for sweeper – doesn’t sweep

When a government of any kind takes money for no reason (unconscionable taxes, fees, levies) most people consider it theft.

I’m sure you’ve heard – people with bank accounts in Cyprus woke up this week to news that money might be skimmed from their accounts to fund bank bailouts. This might also be happening now in New Zealand and Spain now as well.

This week, Hoboken411 reader Arseny said that the city summonsed so many cars along Clinton Street – and DID NOT SWEEP THE ROADS! So welcome to Hoboken Cyprus!

Hoboken Cyprus takes money from residents for non street cleaning after snow

Residents nicked – Hertz on Demand cars skate free

“Check this out. After the snow fall literally every car on Clinton Street got ticketed ($45) at 9am and Hoboken parking authority claims they are “cleaning the streets.”

They earn around $900 per block (20 cars at $45) so they brought in around $10,000 of revenue just from Clinton Street! And the street isn’t even cleaned!

Mind you the Hertz on Demand cars don’t get a ticket and are not affected by street cleaning (nor are they clean).”

Question: Has anyone gotten a sweeper ticket – even though no street cleaning happened – and successfully beat it in court? Shouldn’t it be mandatory that the sweeper actually come in order to validate the violation?