Zimmer is saying NO to open space in SW Hoboken

Obstructionist Zimmer Propaganda in Hoboken NJ 2013 spinDon’t be fooled by Dawn Zimmer’s statement today that it’s in progress and park land is coming and that she’ll continue to buy more land after that.

She says: “the process is going on”… “at one acre, it’s large enough.”

If anything, the Zimmer administration has managed to halt progress, prevent others from bettering Hoboken, and to undermine the potential for a real 6-acre park. What we get left with instead is obstructionist Zimmer propaganda.

Conveniently, she left out some crucial information, that all of this is in the courts because it’s being contested.

Zimmer says “it doesn’t take years to get the park land,” and yet, she has been an elected official for 6 years and Mayor for 4 years and she hasn’t bought ONE INCH of land. Is she telling us how incompetent she is? That a good leader wouldn’t take years to buy the land – but a unqualified, incompetent politician like Zimmer needs decades?

Obviously Zimmer’s own spin machine is making her dizzy.

It has been discussed to death that you designate the area in need of redevelopment and then you buy the land all at once. Over the last six years, it has been brought up at numerous council meetings that the “piece-meal” approaches to buying land and building parks does not work. The politicians all agreed, and Candidate Zimmer was one of those people saying she would do it the right way. Unfortunately, Mayor Zimmer is now touting a piece-meal approach. Imagine that. But we already know that an undefined plan leads to failure, and that’s why Zimmer hasn’t succeeded in buying parkland of any kind.

So now Zimmer is saying the residents can wait for the SW Park, a park that she has decided will be less than 1-acre. Because we all know 1-acre is better than the 6-acres promised over the last 7 years (by her!)

The take away from Mayor Zimmer’s letter:

  1. Zimmer is saying NO to open space in SW Hoboken.
  2. You want the Jackson St. lots to be turned into green public spaces? Sorry, Zimmer says NO.
  3. You want a SW park? You’ll have to wait, maybe years – maybe forever.

In Zimmer’s mind the park doesn’t matter as much as getting her re-elected and her letter is another in a long line of her public relations bulls%#t.