Is this Hoboken Character? You ever see the tape all over town?

As you might have heard on the radio recently – Mayor Dawn Zimmer hit the airwaves moaning about the Hoboken Sea Walls. And one of her coached words to say buzz words was “Character.”

“Character this” and “Hoboken character that,” she whined about how important the character, charm and beauty of Hoboken is – and so on.

But as published last week – it’s quite possible Zimmer does live in Disneyland, because she fails to see how her own administration, with something as simple in concept as a no-parking sign, does great damage to the very character she was crying about on the radio.

Hoboken Character no parking signs and tape left behind

Hoboken no parking signs: Easy to apply; too lazy to remove?

Walk down ANY SINGLE BLOCK in Hoboken. Do you know what you’ll see on EACH AND EVERY BOCK?

Sticky tape remnants from one of the tens of thousands of “Temporary Police Regulation No Parking Signs.”

On light poles. On street signs. On trees. Everywhere. But what gets me most is that they’re on residents gates and fences.

The city loves these signs because they’re very lucrative. They cost money to buy them to reserve your four hours (or how ever long you want to pay). And they also return money to the city when cars that fail to move get ticketed and towed on a daily basis.

But you see – they haphazardly rip them off (often days or weeks later), and don’t put an ounce of effort into ensuring all that sticky tape is also removed as well.

This in effect, is VANDALISM, defacing the property they’re placed on (who gave the city permission to do this on private property anyway?), and is an utter display of disrespect to the residents.

You want to restore character in Hoboken? Put a little care into keeping our neighborhoods exactly the way you found them before you plastered your fruity signs all over!

Enjoy the rest of your afternoon!