Crazy FBI signs spotted in Hoboken

What’s the deal with the Satanic FBI signs around town?

In the past week – I’ve noticed dozens of “Satanic” FBI signs all over Hoboken.

Here’s what the FBI signs say – in case you didn’t stop and notice:

Hoboken Nut Job FBI signsThe Satanic F.B.I.
No Constitution, Law or Land of Liberty

  • Super Storm Sandy
  • Statue of Liberty
  • The Virgina Earthquake that temporarily shut down the Washington Monument
  • Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans that killed 1800 Americans
  • The death of Supreme Court Justice Rehnquist thru thyroid cancer

God Knows!

Where do these signs come from exactly? Anyone every spot someone putting them up?

Crazy Satanic FBI signs spotted in Hoboken New Jersey

These FBI signs are placed in the oddest of locations sometimes, too… like places hardly anyone would be walking.

If anyone sees who does this – just email photos to

Satanic FBI sign spotted in Hoboken NJ

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