Chris’s Curbside Cravings – Hoboken, NJ

New in Hoboken NJ Chris's Curbside CravingsIt’s not a Hoboken lunch truck, it’s not a brick & mortar, and it’s not a hot dog stand. What is it? It’s Chris’s Curbside Cravings!

Set up about a week ago, Chris’s Curbside Cravings – a “sidewalk food cart” is located on Washington Street between first and second. “Chris” serves up Gyros, Sausages, Cheese Steaks, Hot Dogs, Burgers, Chicken-on-a-stick (i.e., Kebabs) and even soups and salads.

This type of operation seems to be the best of both worlds. You don’t have to worry about parking, nor the sky-rocketing rent that is sending many places to the Hoboken Doomed Business category.

I wonder how the nearby eateries within a stones-throw of “CCC” (or “Triple C’s”) feel about it. You have Blimpie, Imposto’s, La Isla, Cluck-U Chicken, Satay, and Charrito’s now competing for the hungry pedestrians.

He’s setup there seven days a week until 9pm. Not sure if he’s missing an opportunity for late night drunks, or perhaps it was a sound business decision. Have you eaten there yet?

Chris's Curbside Cravings Hoboken NJ food cart

Description: Chris’s Curbside Cravings is a sidewalk food vendor.
Address: The sidewalk on Washington St. between 1st & 2nd.
Phone: 201-625-5688