Hoboken potholes second fiddle to Little League field

Hoboken411 received quite a few emails and passer-by commentary about this scene over at the Hoboken Little League field at Stevens Park.

“This was a perfectly good field,” one person in the park told me, adding Hoboken streets are in disrepair, potholes everywhere, and a recreational field gets this unnecessary makeover first? For what? Votes? Mixed priorities here in Hoboken.”

Meanwhile, a dog owner wondered what was going to happen to the turf being ripped out. “Are they just throwing it away? Maybe we can recycle it and use them in the muddy dog parks!” He noted how nice and clean the new carpeted dog park uptown was – and that his dog never gets “muddied up” there.

In general, residents who emailed me felt it was a slap in the face that property taxpayer money is being spent on “fun and games” instead of core infrastructure needs like potholes and flooding.

How do you feel that the city is caring for “amenities” before “necessities?”

Hoboken Little League field redone before fixing potholes