More doomed Hoboken businesses

Doomed Hoboken businesses continue in 2013

Sharing info about doomed Hoboken businesses isn’t fun – but it still has to be done… And to start off today – we have two neighboring stores that shut down recently – and quite possible another direct affect of Hurricane Sandy.

J&D Provisions – add to the list of doomed Hoboken businesses?

See, I’m not 100% certain about J&D Provisions at 10 Paterson Ave., because there’s a chance they’re on vacation. But that is very unlike them, and certainly not without some kind of signage informing customers.

That would suck if they closed. Because they had good prices on wine & liquor. Is it possible that the Delight Deli & Grocery just a few doors down at 56 Monroe Street knocked J&D out of business?

J&D Provisions Hoboken NJ Closed doomed

Vera’s Florist – definitely a doomed in Hoboken

Without a doubt, Vera’s Florist at 14 Paterson Ave. is kaput, as written on the windows that they’re “out of business.”

Again, could have been the storm, the economy, or just their location.

Heck, we could even blame it on that wacky bike lane on Jackson which causes daily traffic jams and probably made residents avoid the area.

Vera's florist out of business in Hoboken NJ

Wonder if a developer bought these guys out?

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4 Comments on "More doomed Hoboken businesses"

2 years 11 months ago

2013 will be a rough year for businesses in Hoboken. Expect the list to grow longer than usual.

2 years 11 months ago

J &D did take a big hit from Sandy. I see young Jimmy there once in while but I haven’t seen the father in two years. Vera’s on the other hand, I believe, is a different story. The original Vera retired and so did the quality of the flowers. I heard many people complain that they felt the arrangements and the creativity had deteriorated big time.

2 years 11 months ago

They cleaned out all the kitchen equipment and fixtures a few weeks after the storm and since then J&D has been silent.

Vera’s, well, I can’t say I’m sad to see them go since the idiot driver they had who insisted on keeping his car with no bumpers on it parked in the crosswalk all day while he fed his army of pigeons that turned that side of the street into a river of pigeon crap. I actually stopped going to J&D because of all the pigeon crap and dodging the crap from the sky.

2 years 10 months ago

too many businesses coming in replacing old dreams that turned into failures, just to repeat the process again. It’s sad and tells alot about this town.