Crazy NYC Skyline Photo from Hoboken

NYC Skyline & Hudson River: HDR Photo of the Day

In today’s Hoboken HDR Photo of the Day – I present you with an amazing shot I took recently of the NYC Skyline and Hudson River.

The conditions that day were perfect to create an astonishing HDR photo. The clouds were amazing and the very strong winds created great rippling “texture” on the river. Took three photos at different exposures and combined them to end up with this shot.

As you can see – it’s the sky and river which are the true “stars” of this photo, and not the NYC skyline which is usually the case in most photos of the city that never sleeps.

(Click the picture to see a larger version…)

NYC Skyline from Hoboken NJ HDR Photography

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3 Comments on "Crazy NYC Skyline Photo from Hoboken"

2 years 11 months ago

It’s sort of an interesting effect but I’d rather HDR be used as a means to an end rather than an end in itself. The first time I saw an HRD photo (in a DPReview message board posting) I had no idea it was the technique used at first. It was of a large suburban house/yard in summer late afternoon. I was stunned since it was exactly as my eyes would see it. Then I read up on it and learned the trick. The point was that I had no idea HDR was behind it. Dunno if you’re using Lightroom… Read more »

2 years 11 months ago

Excellent photos!