Or has the cell phone ban increased distraction?

Hoboken girl on cell phoneThough it’s hard to even remember the time when things were different – today marks the 5th anniversary of it being illegal to operate a motor vehicle in New Jersey while talking on a cell phone. When I realized this date was looming before us, I looked into the statistics to see how the five-year-old law has had an impact on us so far in terms of reducing incidents, if any.

Interestingly, it hasn’t had much of an effect based on statistics (see below), but maybe that is just because there are so many more of us on the road who own and are totally attached to their wireless devices, so the impact of the law is leveled out?

Or maybe the law is just a “money-maker” and there are just as many incidents on the road related to mobile devices as there would have been? Over the past few years, I’ve even heard people argue that the law has made things more difficult for them – because now they have to look out for law enforcement, in addition to paying attention to the road.

Do you think this “law” was premature?

It was conceived almost SEVEN years ago – when cell phones were much more cryptic and archaic – with nothing more than 12 digit keypads. Now we have smart phones you can speak instructions to. Perhaps the law should be repealed?

NJ Mobile Crash Data