Hoboken GPS: People leave in plain sight

Common Sense with Hoboken GPS unitsThis week, I decided to start documenting most of the times I see parked cars that leave their GPS units behind.

A new category has been created under the Hoboken photo of the day section: Hoboken GPS Spottings.

The last weekday of each month – I’ll display all the vehicles with GPS units on the dashboard that I had the wherewithal to snap photos of during the course of my travels.

Not doing this to publicly “shame” anyone, but rather to raise awareness that it’s not in your best interest to leave items of value in plain sight. If people chose common sense over convenience or carelessness, perhaps we can provide fewer opportunities for petty criminals to get away with an easy grab.

Would you trade in the hassle of filing a police report and fixing your car for the few seconds of extra time it’d take you to remove your GPS?