Does Hoboken Leprecon add “character?”

Hoboken Leprecon add any characterHoboken Leprecon is just two days away.

And it brings up an interesting question, especially since Mayor Zimmer talked about the “character” of our city when she was interviewed about Hoboken Flood Walls.

For the past two years, the Mayor has nixed the annual St. Patrick’s Parade that traditionally was held on the first Saturday each March.

The parade was canceled in the name of preventing drunken violence, lewd behavior and damage to property.

However, that hasn’t stopped local bar owners from organizing their own event on the same day. Hoboken Leprecon is basically the same as the St. Patrick’s Parade, minus the historic tradition, family-oriented nature, and general celebration of the Irish culture. It’s now simply a reason to spend money and drink. Nothing more, nothing less. A bar crawl.

Instead, some residents say that you’re only left with what would be considered the most potentially negative parts the parade (alcohol-infused idiocy and disruption of peace). While bar owners and other shops loved the parade days, because they’d receive multiple times their average daily revenue. But now that the parade is gone – what have you accomplished?

  • Do inebriated gangs of people wearing green (and not understanding why) stumbling around add character to Hoboken? Or is it just an embarrassment?
  • Did canceling the parade take away from the character of Hoboken?

Here’s a glimpse of what it looked like last year (in the early afternoon). Turnout was estimated to be only 25% of previous parade years. Weather forecasts now indicate a relatively seasonable day (mainly cloudy), and shouldn’t hurt turnout.

Will we have more revelers this year over last?