bwè kafe now open in Hoboken, NJ

5/6/2013 Update:

Below is a photo gallery of bwè kafe – which opened on Monday, May 6, 2013 at 1002 Washington Street in Hoboken, NJ.

Overall – this establishment was immediately embraced by the community, as residents and visitors loved the vibe of the coffee cafe. Free Wi-Fi (no password required), tasty coffee and espresso – and pastries which have been selling like hot cakes. The place has a “coffee shop buzz” as if it’s been around for ages. Very impressive for a brand-spanking new business. I guess they did it right!

My typical drink is the largest iced cup you can get, with four shots of espresso in it. bwè kafe’s largest size is only 16 ounces, which would be nice if it was upgraded. But the taste of their offerings makes up for it mostly. My beverage cost around $4.50, which is naturally a bit higher than the going rate.

Otherwise – looks like the coast is clear for bwè kafe to become a Hoboken mainstay!

bwè kafe set to open in Hoboken in about a week

4/23/2013 Update:

Those excited about the prospects of a new coffee shop coming to Hoboken, will have their desires met in about a week.

Spoke with folks at bwè kafe yesterday – and they said they hoped to be open “within a week to 10 days.” We had a peek inside, and it’s definitely pretty roomy for a coffee shop. In addition to their new exterior sign, they were excited that they received delivery of their fancy Japanese cold drip coffee maker in time for the grand opening.

Bwè kafe in Hoboken NJ opening May 2013

bwè kafe coming soon to 1002 Washington St. in Hoboken


bwè kafe coffee Hoboken NJThe other day – I noticed some activity going on at the old Savvy Salon spot 1002 Washington.

The construction permit indicated that a new coffee shop / cafe was in the works.

Some of you might remember – the spot two doors over which is now Casual Thai used to be a favorite coffee shop / cafe called the “Secret Ingredient.” So this area hasn’t had a dedicated coffee shop in what seems like a decade. At first, I was sort of excited for bwè kafe to open as a potential alternative to Starbucks for my daily espresso drinks.

I saw this sign in their window yesterday:

“Bwè kafe is committed to providing great coffee and a friendly environment to the Hoboken and surrounding communities. As a social enterprise, a portion of the proceeds go to ensuring children and youth in Haiti have access to safe drinking water and quality education. Not your usual coffee shop, bwè kafe is a gathering space for people who see the value in coming together with neighbors in an open and welcoming setting while having their cup of coffee make a difference in the world.”

They plan to be open by April 2013.

bwè kafe Coffee 1002 Washington Street Hoboken NJ

Description: Bwè kafe is a coffee shop that donates money to Haiti.
Address: 1002 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD