Worsening Hoboken Road Conditions

Potholes and other bumpy surfaces are generally the norm when it comes to Hoboken road conditions. You know it’s bad when even local Hoboken politicians make them front-running topics.

Properly run cities quickly figure out ways to solve the problem by whatever means necessary. Even if that means sidelining other less important projects such as parks or soccer fields. But in Hoboken, it seems our administration equates “priorities” with “will this score me votes in the next election?” We have so much on our plate here in town, it’s apparent important necessities like the basic infrastructure are getting neglected. Just like how Observer Highway could have been repaved with grant money, it was lost due to some pipe-dream of quickly transforming that road into a perfect traffic and pedestrian “oasis” called Observer Boulevard. I’d be shocked if that happened this decade.

Meanwhile the road condition there downtown (and everywhere else) continues to deteriorate. Wonder why?

Because instead of spending money to fix to the roads – the city uses that money to conduct “studies” that our roads are bad. Just like we mentioned earlier another $200,000 contract to Boswell Engineering to tell us what we already know: Hoboken road conditions suck! (I’d make a map too for 100 grand!)

Click the image below to see the full size map – which was created in 2011. Make notes in the comments to add any additional RED roads – maybe we can prevent the city from doling out more money for studies that LEAD NOWHERE!

Hoboken Road Conditions NJ