Hoboken parking fallacy frustrates drivers

Hoboken Parking FallacyAnytime that any organization or government entity tries to sell a complicated and ineffective idea as “better for the public,” it usually ends up failing miserably some time down the road. In our case its the Hoboken parking fallacy.

Good old fashioned parking meters next to each parking spot did the job just fine, and were built like tanks (that is until they became more computerized).

And as you know – our city recently tried selling the idea of these automated parking robots as being good for everyone. You can pay by credit card, use the time bought at multiple spots (if you can even find one), “creating more spots,” and so on. However, these overly-complicated muni-meters came with several downsides as well:

Now – the remaining parking meters that are left – don’t even take credit cards! WTF is that all about? How much will that cost property taxpayers to fix? Does adding layers of complication really work out well? Or just leave more ways to fail down the line?

As you can see from the photo above – residents are pissed off, and wonder how long it will take to get something as simple as this rectified.

If the Zimmer administration can’t keep our own house in order, you think we can trust them to successfully manage a massive project like the proposed Hoboken sea walls?

Hoboken parking meters do not accept credit cards